Beta v2 experience

I have been using the beta v2 on my wyze v2 cam now for a couple days. I also have a nightowl camera and I have 6 D-Link dcs 8300s that work great. They average 25-30fps in rtsp. FYI, if you get dlink cameras check the bottom of the box for version 1.0. If you get 2.0 more than likely rtsp has been disabled and you cannot downgrade. When you first install the camera also disable auto upgrade firmware as quickly as possible. I also use blue Iris for capture and the experience is better on beta v2 but not great. On the first beta firmware you average 6-9fps. On v2 you average 9-15fps. So a small bump in frame rate which is always good. The v2 beta is still experiencing disconnect but not as frequently as the first beta. Over all quality is smoother. I’m running watchdog on blueiris and have it reboot the stream after 3secs of idle. Beta v2 can normally recover and sometimes but rarely beta v1 can as well. If not you must disable rtsp and reactivate. Wyze cams are the only cameras to ever disconnect. D-Link and Nightowl are amazing. The quality is lower in the nightowl however it’s rock solid and never misses a beat. I hope wyze beta v3 finally addresses the performance loss and disconnect. It seems they are on the right path. Waiting for the next rtsp firmware from wyze. Wyze cameras could be the best cameras on the block. Let’s hope rtsp is finally resolved.

Wyze beta team- if you happen to want logs or any screenshots to help in testing. Let me know.

I am not a beta tester, what is different?