Zones, smart plug triggers

I own a three-unit building and own analogs of most of the Wyze home-oriented products, but they are not integrated. I would like:
a. to have Wyze home monitoring be able to activate (sensor or voice) a smart plug into which I can plug an existing siren. (I had a break-in with associated rape and robbery in 2019 - the victim never got close enough to the fire alarm to trigger it).
b. to have a (Wyze?) leak sensor trigger a whole-house water shutoff (could be a smart plug).
c: to be able to set up sub-nets since some of the cameras are shared (front and back doors, for instance) but I would like to have separate controls for each unit.
If the Outdoor Cam I ordered by mistake ever gets here, I plan to exchange if for the base station and sensors. The rest of what I want is software, so I can wait on that.