Your Device Needs To Be On The Same Wi-Fi network as Wyze Cam to View Time Lapse

This is part of the message I get when I try to view a time lapse recording I made the other day. The camera is at a remote location when I set this up and now when I am trying to view it. Did I miss the warning when I set this up? Are there any work arounds? Not sure why this restriction is in place as other video/data on the camera is accessible from off the local Wi-Fi. Thanks.



You didn’t miss a warning (about needing to be on the same WiFi network) when you configured the TL recording. But you missed seeing that caveat which is posted in the help pages:-)

"Since it’s a large file transfer, your phone needs to be on the same WiFi network as your Wyze Cam in order to download the time lapse. To download your time lapse, make sure your phone is connected to the same WiFi network as your camera, then tap on the Download icon on the video thumbnail to download the time lapse. This download only needs to be done once. After the 
download, the time lapse will be saved to your phone’s gallery and can be viewed in the Album in your Wyze app."

It’s not clear why they insist on this restriction. The rationale that “it’s a large file transfer” is bogus. Large files are transferred over internet connections all the time. Sadly, as things are now, you’ll have to travel to the remote site to extract the TL recording from the camera. Alternately, set up a VPN to the remote site and finesse the TL access through the tunnel.


You might try downloading the file (sharing) and viewing it locally. May succeed.

This problem appears to be back. I tried all the suggestions clearing cash changing Network rebooting. Maybe the company should focus on perfecting one product rather than spreading itself thin on all sorts of crap like vacuum cleaners.