Yellow & blue lights flashing

Just got the camera today… I set it up at home in a WiFi environment, set it up to detect motion, added my MicroSD card, tested it, all was good.
Then took it down to our condo parking garage, placed in our storage room facing the parking space, and connected to power. The free/public/street WiFi there is VERY weak, and I guess the camera is trying to connect to my iPhone, because IT KEEEPS FLASHING THE YELLOW & BLUE LIGHTS.
Can I leave the camera there to work? Is that OK? And will it work only when detecting motion, or must I switch it to continuous because of the lack of reliable WiFi connection?

i dont believe that the wyzecam supports open wifi networks.

When you setup your camera, you connect it to a specific WiFi network. It won’t connect to just any WiFi nearby unless you re-setup the camera for that WiFi. The LED is flashing that way because it’s trying to connect to the original network, not your phone. Unless of course you setup the camera on a WiFi hotspot on your phone.

My understanding as far as leaving it disconnected from the WiFi is it will still record to the SD card. There are other threads on the forum you can search for where people are doing the same thing as you are trying to do.


No, you can’t just leave the camera when it is not connected to WiFi. Our Wyze Cam in the auto shuts off after 1,5 hours without WiFi when we motor away from our building with WiFi connection, recording to µSD card ceases after 1,5 hours automatically, then resumes automatically once we come back into range of the WiFi. You will require a portable WiFi router such as listed in this post/link below. We have not tested this solution in our auto yet. However, in your situation you can probably bridge your own router with one of these and you can place the portable router in your auto for additional security. The camera can then be placed inside or outside the vehicle as you choose. Anywhere in range of the portable WiFi router/bridge of course.

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In case you do want to connect to an open wifi network, here is more info on a couple of possible workarounds:

Wyze made the decision in the new app release not to allow connection to open wifi networks. Unless Wyze changes their minds on this, there are a couple of workarounds that can be used if you want to keep your base home network unsecured but also provide a secure network for the Wyze. One is free and the other has a small hardware cost. I realize these may not be suitable in all cases.

  1. Most wifi routers have the ability to have a separate guest network, often without password required. You could set this up with your existing SSID (so you don’t have to change any other devices) and also set up the primary network with WPA2 encryption.

  2. You could use a travel router as an intermediary device that will connect to your unsecured home network and bridge that over to a secure network accessible by the Wyze Cams. Complete instructions for that are here:

Finally, there is a #roadmap topic about this asking Wyze to reconsider (link below). You can hop over there and vote for it. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

I know this is an old topic and I hate to revive old threads but I have a Wyze cam V2 that I set up on Wi-Fi. I disconnected it to take to work to record something. It won’t connect to the Wi-Fi at work because it’s an open network and it’s only 5Ghz not 2.4. But I read somewhere that it would still record off-line and you should have either a blue or flashing blue light. I’m getting the alternating yellow and blue light and when I pulled the card out of the camera, there is no video on it Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thank you!

I am not sure. I’ve been having problems with my Wyze Pan Cam too. It was just showing a solid yellow light.

I contacted the online support. It suggested I download the software from to see if it will get the camera working. All it did was give me a continual flashing light blue light. they say it is a router connection issue. I have no problem with all other devices, so I know it can’t be the router.

No answer in sight.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

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Which firmware did you download? It almost sounds like you installed the webcam firmware.