Wzye thermostat install hangs up on 'finishing'

I have a very simple, three wire, 24V zone valve hot water baseboard (hydronic) heat only installation. I am using connections RC, W and C. There are no jumpers.

I am using RC lead (red) because the Wyze therm can not use the RH connection for power. The W (white = heat) wire gets closed to the RC (red) lead when the thermostat calls for heat.

I have 5 zones of hot water baseboard heat. All are identical. There are 5 legacy thermostats in my home on a Taco multi-zone controller. I want to upgrade to Wyze terms for occupancy detection and heat scheduling.

There is not a compatibility issue. I have a working installation of two Wyze thermostats. Therm #1 has been in service for 6 months. I got two new terms this week. I am waiting on the ‘satellite’ Wyze therm for the other two zones.

I decided to use the existing, working location to setup the two new therms. That takes out all of the variables and errors.

I took the working therm off the mount, put on new therm #2 and did the setup. New therm #2 sets up. Works great. I installed #2 at the new location. It works fine.

I then put new therm #3 on the working setup location. I go thru the exact same setup of therm #3 at the working location. Good wiring, good WiFi.

It goes all the way thru setup, but hangs on ‘finishing.’ The install fails.

I put my original #1 therm back on the mount used for setup. It works fine. This rules out the mount, the wiring and my heating system. #1 and #2 therms both work. #3 does not.

I can see the bluetooth address of therm #3 in the app, even though it won’t finish the setup process.

I can’t remove #3 from the list of devices in the app. I have reset therm #3 about 4 times, and restarted the setup from the beginning.

It won’t finish. The finishing wheel just keeps turning. I left it about an hour, still turning.

I have an open support ticket, and I have sent pictures of everything so that they can follow the scripted troubleshooting. I am very familiar with thermostat wiring. I have two Wyze thermostats installed and working.

I have asked for escalation, and I’m at my wits end. Any suggestions here?

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You might be running into a power draw issue. If thermostats 1 and 2 are not plugged in, does thermostat 3 work?
Otherwise, there might be something wrong with thermostat #3. When you reset it, you are resetting it on the device by holding down the button and selecting reset and deleting it on the phone, correct?
If you have access to another phone or tablet, try using that for setup instead.

I am using the known good therm mount for setup. I refer to them as #1, #2 and #3 for ease of comprehension. There there are only two therms powered at a time. I also have a power distribution arrangement in the Taco zone controller for the locations, and it has an inline fuse. An UEi clamp around volt-ohm meter shows 350 milliamperes of power draw for the two therms.

I am using the reset procedure you described, and have done so many times. I have used an iPhone 11, an 8th gen iPad, and a 2nd gen iPad air for my setup attempts. I am using Wyze app version 2.20.142 on all devices. I have turned off the 5G WiFi on my Zyxel mesh system. Thermostats #1 and #2 are on firmware 1.1.7.

Thermostat #3 is version 1.15.b1, and can’t be updated until the installation completes. I also can’t delete it from the account, since it doesn’t finish the setup.

Wyze support is still evaluating if there is a compatibility issue with my heating system - despite the fact I have had a working therm for 6 months.

My next step is going to be the creation of a new Wyze account to see if I can get the setup to complete, update the firmware and then reset it and retry the install on my original account. My theory is that the problem is ‘in the cloud’ at Wyze.

It’s very frustrating that there is no way to escalate a ticket with Wyze. I can see why people give up on their products and throw them in the trash.

As a final update, I created another Wyze account, and stood up a 2.4g only access point with a unique SSID. I then tried to install therm #3 using a different iPad that had never had the Wyze app installed. That was also unsuccessful.

Wyze responded with an offer to send me a replacement thermostat. I appreciate the replacement and their help to solve the problem.