WyzeLock Unlocks Automatically When Locked

Hey, Folks-
My WyzeLock, which has provided me numerous opportunities for frustration, is at it once again. The community has helped before, I thought maybe someone would share their helpful input.
WyzeLock has begun unlocking immediately once I lock it automatically. The app presents the message “Locked - Manual” as I lock it (expected), and “Unlocked - Remote” and “Owner” as it immediately unlocks the lock. I can do this as many times as I wish, and it unlocks the lock just as many.
Very infrequently (1 every 15 cycles), and for just a moment (almost too fast to read), the app will flash a small, grey-boxed message “Could not connect to WyzeLock”. (Hmmm… might this be a clue? I dunno’.)
To simplify things, have I deactivated Auto-lock, Auto-unlock was already disabled. I deleted the Lock Gateway (which deletes the lock as well), reinstalled both (includes re-calibrating the lock), checked that all settings for Auto-lock/unlock were as before- off (they were) and tried again. The lock continues to behave in the same manner.
I then deleted both the gateway and the lock again, reinstalled them, and recalibrated the lock. Same. I then recalibrated the lock 3 more times (just because I love this #$%^ device so much), and then saw how many times I had to flip the lock to get the grey-box “Could Not Connect to WyzeLock” message to pop up. That pattern appears to be a one-second flash at 3 “flippings”, more or less. Make sense? Nothing about a connection issue appears in the logs of the lock or the gateway. Wifi signal strength is 5 bars and does not appear to fluctuate.
I moved the gateway from apx. 7’ from the lock (but 3’ from the router) to a location apx. 4’ from the lock (and 7’ from the router). None of these locations are obstructed from another.
Same thing. Over and over and over. I hate this product with a passion hitherto reserved for Comcast!
Anyhoo… I have done absolutely everything I can possibly think of to make this device function as originally intended and have not one clue what or where I have missed something. Whadda’ ya’ think?