Wyzecam V2 with Alexa

Hey All


I bought this camera on Amazon.ca as it said it works with Alexa. I thought that would be great. It just arrived but I am unable to get it to work with Alexa. I searched online and it says to download the Wyze Skill. Well…I cannot locate this in Canada. So I tried Amazon.com. I located the skill but it won’t allow me to download it as I am not in the US. So…I thought that Alexa may be able to connect to the camera using smart home. I had her search for new devices but she does not see the Wyze cam. Any ideas or should I just return this for another brand?

Wyze has submitted the Alexa skill to Amazon.ca but I believe it is still waiting to be approved. Someone from the Wyze team will likely make an announcement in the News forum when it’s available in Canada.