WyzeCam Outdoor - IR recording?

I saw footage from a friend’s FOSCAM PTZ, and it was displaying IR footage. I know the WYZECAM outdoor uses an IR sensor for turning the EO cam on, but are there any plans for a dedicated IR camera? Would make for better nighttime recording.

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What do you mean by a dedicated IR camera?

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Sometimes, IR is a better nighttime medium than electro-optical. I just realized the FOSCAM’s “IR” display uses 6 LEDs, so it creates an IR-like display. But an IR camera might be worth looking into for night situations.

All of the Wyze cameras have IR illuminators that can turn on when night vision is active to illuminate the darkness.

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To add on, the Pan has 6 LEDs and the V2 and V3 camera have 4(edit: see @Omgitstony’s post below!) . The V3 has the best night vision out of all of the cameras in my opinion.


V3 have 8. :slight_smile: but yes, only 4 in use at a time. 4 for near and 4 for far.

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I have only been a WYZE customer for about a week now and I started with the outdoor cam. I love the ideas… I’m just having trouble finding troubleshooting options for the less-common scenarios. I have sifted through hours of repetitive BS troubleshooting options that are clearly laid out for everyone in a few tiny pages of the users manual and tried numerous times to contact support with no response. So far I have a very reasonably priced outdoor camera (for what it claims to be) that can’t seem to record anything useful or use the SD card it came with. I just need some guidance for a layman but slightly more qualified than the basic “operator error” issues.