WyzeCam becoming more & more unusable?

Thanks for the info. I’ll monitor the situations and consider adding a fan if needed.

I have a hard time believing all vendors would implement that without at least some obscure setting to turn it off. Certainly I could see that option being unavailable as long as band steering was turned on.

Personally, I prefer to stick with routers where I can use open source firmware.

It may be that the best solution for many people going forward for IoT devices would be to simply add a dedicated 2.4 GHz only access point to their network.

I was just reading a TP-Link Amazon review that recommended a fix of disabling SmartConnect but then manually setting both SSIDs to the same name anyway. Weird.

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That is odd. If you can have separate SSIDs to differentiate the 2 bands then why would you not? I can’t see any upside to having them the same name.

Well Said! You know your stuff too.


Actually, with my Mesh System I have never needed to setup a seperate SSID for 2.4 or 5. I leave it as a Mesh and have no issue with my setup. I use ASUS ZenWiFi ax xt8, this router allows for separate SSIDs and a combined SSID. Mine is functioning as one SSID.

Read my Post above and my recent response. the ASUS ZenWiFi AX XT8 is WiFi 6 and is a true Mesh. But it also allows for independent SSIDs 2.4 vs 5. It is a triband router as well.

We know that it should work,but with older wifi items they most likely will have a hard time getting the info to connect, use a hen you have guest at the site/home/office they can chose the best system for there needs

I agree that some have issues. I have never had an issue and started with the v2 Camera’s and all items since. I would suspect that those who do have the issues, are using a router which can’t switch between SSIDs appropriately or possibly ones which never had any of its firmware updated.

The basic point is that it does work as one SSID, but Wyze primarily uses the 2.4Ghz, so ensure you are on that is the recommended if you are having issues. However, the new
Wyze VDB is reported to be 5Ghz compatible, so they are moving into the newer bands.

I would rather not limit the options an individual has but let them know the possibilities of what may happen and a workaround for it.

Interesting. I’ve wondered just how thick is the RF soup we swim in here as we each amp up our signals to out signal the other. I know I’m in a small minority concerned about such things but it doesn’t stop me. :woman_shrugging:

One thing for sure. The bees knees are buckling. image *
And the wasps are thriving.
They look tough.   image

Yep, domestic peeps. Those of the home persuasion. :slight_smile:

providing a router


 * Disputed


I wonder if Wyze should partner with Tailscale for user-camera-to-user-playback-device communications. Tailscale wraps WireGuard in some really useful auto-magical configuration to give you a personal mesh VPN and they only use their servers for initial meta-data exchange to assist with NAT and FW traversal and with data transit only as a last resort and even then the data is fully end-to-end encrypted so they are just passing packets.

I’ve been in IT for over 25 years and am truly impressed with them. I found out about them when Brad Fitzpatrick joined them.

I’m running RASPbx, so I must be a little off too.


I don’t know either of you that well but if you need a ref I’ll be happy to say, “They’re both off.”

And so am I.

But in a different milieu… :slight_smile:

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I got rid of it about 2 years ago. I transferred the number to Google Voice. So now I get a Home Phone without the cost. :slight_smile:

Same here and all the Google Voice numbers are on an OBI202 (2 lines) and an OBI 200 (1 line) and that supplies 3 telephone lines to my PBX system. Besides linked to several family smartphones too.

Google Voice is great with the no cost monthly service fee for US & Canada calls, International calls are from 1-5 cents a minute depending on location called.

Too funny, I also have the OBI 200. I did sign up for the 911 service through Anveo. But when it expires I am not renewing.

Trying to force an off-al joke into this but just can’t… Eureka! :woman_cartwheeling:

I’ve got the OBI200 as well with two Google Voice lines. I’ve got two of the Cisco SPAxx devices as well. Used one to tie my home phone into the pbx for awhile. The other provides an IP phone in my shop.

Huh, I used to be an avid ViaTalk user (and former Sunrocket victim). I eventually got tired of VoIP irregularities and succumbed to a FiOS bundled landline.

Most of the reasons for delving into 3rd party VoIP disappear with everyone on unlimited cell plans.

I have never been comfortable with the idea of porting a home number to Google voice and depending on it for free…

Tailscale sounds interesting but I wonder whether Wyze’s little devices have enough horsepower for Wireguard tunnels vs. what they’re doing now via TUTK and SSL. And who’s to say the result would be any more stable?