WyzeCam AWS Cloud recording access

I know how to access the cloud recordings via the app, but would prefer to access it via an alternate method. First of all, I use my laptop most of the time. I don’t want to have to constantly check my phone, it’s a slow and inefficient process. I use multiple cameras (indoor and outdoor) and most of them allow me to check snapshots sent as attachments via email. It’s quick to just view the photos under the email account, in the same place. The same is true for video recordings.

However, WyzeCam is the only one that I have to check via a phone app. Loading the app up on your phone every time there’s a motion detection is just a tedious process. Then you find that the recording was just a false positive, because of wind or shadow that blows something in front of the motion detection area. The false positives don’t happen frequently, but regardless, the process to check an event / recording is slow.

So, I’m wanting to find out if it’s possible to access the AWS cloud recordings (via a HTTPS link or whatever) directly? If yes, I can probably script or find some ways to pull those data off and have them sync to my laptop locally, then I can just view them straight away, without going through the app.

And yes, I know about Bluestacks and other Android emulators. Still a crappy process. People have probably never used RTSP or other types of methods of accessing their IP cam’s footage or snapshots. It’s all about efficiency and convenience. I don’t have the luxury of wasting time to check an app, taking into account that I have several indoor and outdoor security cameras (not for one home, but several).

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There is not currently a way to access the AWS cloud storage outside of the Wyze app.

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