WyzeCam 360 Degree Wi-fi Pet Camera 1080P - intermittent blue/red light NOT flashing

I have two new Cam Pan v.2 360 Degree Wi-fi cams. Light stays blue for 5-10 seconds, then changes to yellow, back to blue, bk to yellow…etc. Light is NOT flashing. Never saw this before. Have NO idea how to fix.

Thanks for any help.
Barb Bernardo

I am sorry this is happening and for my delay in seeing this. I would recommend contacting our Support Team about this.


Thanks but fyi…in the meantime I uninstalled and reinstalled the Wyze app on my iphone SE (2nd generation). The 2 new Cam Pam v2 cameras now send notifications but the regular Cam Pan does not. I will reset that one again and see what happens.