WyzeC3-Plus-Yearly Cam Plus

I did the exact same as you. My trial CamPlus ended yesterday that I was given when I bought that package deal, and I followed the directions to assign the now subscription to a camera, I went to Account, then Services, check the CamPlus box on the camera I want it assigned to and then click Activate at the bottom. But nothing happens. I’ve tried numerous times and it won’t save it to the camera, I’m getting very frustrated.

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If you purchased the Bundle (V3+Cam plus) you probably have a trial version of +. If you wait a week you will receive a email from Wyze giving you a code to redeem your 1 year cam plus and then they will give you the one year license . I have 10 more days to go on trial, I tried to un check the box for the cam on the trial version to remove it so I could add the 1 year license I received without success…You can’t add the + license to a cam that is not on the “available device” list that I know of. I just decided to wait until the trial period if over.

My year subscription is on my account now that the trial ended. It will not let me assign a camera to my subscription though.

In my case days later they emailed me a code to redeem and activate the subscription. At that point (if not already) they will force you to store your credit card info with them so they can hopefully auto renew it on you in a year.

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Do you see a list of available licensees under Account > Services ? if so you can just remove the trial by taping edit on the camera list, then add your paid license.

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If you got an email with subscription code, see my post in another thread on how to “redeem” that Cam Plus subscription.

Is there a way to prevent the auto renew of camplus? It’s a shady practice to be forced to provide a creadit card number to use something you paid for. Theres no info on whether my subscription auto renews that I could find. How do you ensure they dont auto renew?

I get at least one daily junk email from Wyze - that I don’t really want/care about.

How were we supposed to know they were going to send one different email that contained a code to activate the Cam Plus?

I get mail from Wyze about their products, but daily? No. Even less frequent than once a week.

Usually the subject mentions the product they’re pushing. If I’m not interested, I don’t open it. If it’s about redeeming a Cam Plus subscription, it’ll say in the subject line.

If you’re getting daily Wyze emails, then likely that some of them are from spammers. Check the email headers and apply filters.

Ipil60R34s, what if I don’t have that email anymore?

Sorry, I don’t know.

Anybody who has experienced this know?

Edit: I’m guessing you lost the email account due to inactivity. If so, here’s a tip.

I’ve accumulated several emails over the years, and lost some. I found a simple solution. I got a cheap WiFi Android tablet and installed a free email client. I’m using K-9 Mail. It checks all my emails daily. There’s no more chance of them getting lost due to inactivity.

Is that enough to keep all of them alive without logging in to the web interfaces? Cool. I’m a regular K9 user myself. For those trying this, you’ll need to tell GMail to allow IMAP and will probably need to enable “less secure app access” in the settings. Don’t worry TOO much about it.

Yes, it has an autosync function. Just open the app regularly and it will check all your emails.

I haven’t tried it but I suppose there’s some Android tool to automatically open and close the app as well on a schedule.

Funny thing, I had an officemate who turned out to be a spammer. He keeps sending me spam for 15 years now, to an old email account I used for that job.

I have a filter just for the bum, that deletes his emails now.

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No, what I mean is that some e-mail providers demand you access the account through the web interface periodically, and an IMAP or POP3 check through a mail client like K9 will not be enough to keep the account alive.

Spammers, man. I am normally against capital punishment but…

I have mostly outlook accounts, yahoo and gmail. They all allow access from mobile devices. I find Outlook.com filtering capability exceptional.

I am having the same issue, can’t apply my subscription license to cam plus to camera as it is using the trial. Did waiting for the trial to expire work for you?

First, remove that camera from the trial. Select “Edit” and uncheck. Then add the newly-unselected camera to your Cam Plus group.

Thanks, I did this again today ad it worked. Yesterday, for some reason, I could not get it out of the trial group. This was right after installing and configuring. Probably user error.

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You rock! Seriously, hardly anyone ever admits that.

Hi, about license and codes…

when I buy many cams with bundle year service, we want give it like gifts…
the family, the final user, may setup that cam and they may using under their own way?
Opening and installing their own Wyze account…??

or these licenses codes still belong my account…??