WyzeBulb flicker for Halloween

Is there a way to set my wyze bulb to flicker? For Halloween, I would like to have the lights in my entry hall flicker in a scary horror movie fashion. Maybe there’s a setting I could choose for that night?

There is not such a setting. Even if technically feasible (I don’t know if the electronics would support it), I kind of doubt that Wyze would develop such a thing for one day a year use.


Get a cheap strobe light that always makes it fun and spooky. :jack_o_lantern::skull_and_crossbones:

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I use these, lend a very spooky effect!

Creative Hobbies® 10J Flicker Flame Light Bulb -Flame Shaped, E26 Standard Base, Flickering Orange Glow - Box of 5 Bulbs Amazon.com

I like the idea. :slight_smile: It would be a fun feature for them to implement if it’s possible, but I’m guessing “no” since it would be pretty limited in its usefulness. If anything, it might cause the company more headaches when customers accidentally switch the feature on and can’t figure out why their lights look terrible. Hahaha.

Maybe if it were something they could activate for literally a day, within the app, as a fun promo or whatever. Haha.

Can we make this happen? Make an update available on 10/31 that allows a scene or special mode that causes all Wyze bulbs to constantly change magnitude and/or color. Then another update on 11/1 that removes it.

Neighbors are always trying to 1-up other neighbors. Help give us Wyze guys an edge. I have 8 bulbs that would turn trick or treaters heads.

You can do it. Tell those software geniuses it’ll be worth their time. Thanks!