Wyze Week Community Day - 10/27/2023

Happy Wyze Week Community Day! :grinning:

This community is one of our largest areas. We have an awesome community that loves to help each other out, we are also home to the official Wishlist. I love this community and enjoy spending my time with all of you.

Just for you, we have a coupon code for the Wyze Floodlight Pro at 129.99 and for our Canadian friends Wyze Garage Door Controller at 59.99 (CAD) This coupon ends at 11:59 PM Pacific, so act quick! Type in WWCDFORUMFUN at checkout to use the code.

And as a reminder, we have a live AMA on Reddit at 11 AM Pacific and a live Community Fireside on Discord at 3 PM Pacific! You don’t want to miss these because we pulled in some of our Founders and Product Managers to answer your questions!


Any timeframe for Wyze Floodlight Pro in Canada? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have not seen one, but I will do some asking and see why we do not have it there yet.


For those who weren’t able to attend the Fireside, but still want to know the highlights, I DID record the fireside with an app that produces a transcript. I then downloaded that transcript and the Community-live-chat into separate text files and asked claude ai to create a summary of the highlights from the event of both what the employees said verbally in the auto-transcript, together with what the Wyze users said in the live chat.

Here is a summary of the highlights from the Wyze Fireside event based on the transcript and chat log:

Transcript Highlights

  • The Wyze employees introduced themselves, their roles, and favorite projects from 2023
    • Dave (co-founder): Led marketing, favorite project was TikTok shop
    • Dongsheng (co-founder): Worked on cameras, favorite was Wyze Cam OG
    • Li: Worked on outdoor cameras, favorite was Wyze Battery Cam Pro
    • Hongfei: Worked on pan cams and floodlight cam, favorite was floodlight cam
    • Meng: Launched video doorbell v2, favorite product
    • Veronica: Managed community events like Wyze Week
    • Jason: Revamped community wishlist and roadmap
    • Danielle: Wizard behind the scenes
  • Discussed plans and goals for 2024
    • Focus on AI and improving AI capabilities
    • Unique new cameras coming
    • AI to enable future automations and smart home experiences
    • First real push into advanced AI
  • Talked about product development challenges
    • Keeping Wyze Cam OG cheap - had to use non-magnetic base
    • Making floodlight cam AI accurate for motion sensing
    • Long development time for video doorbell v2
    • MicroSD recording highly requested and added to cameras
    • TikTok shop allowed Wyze to grow brand and sales
  • They also talked about some of the subjects they addressed in the AMA earlier today

Chat Highlights

  • Community members congratulated winners of giveaways
  • Excitement about new products like floodlight cam and doorbell v2
  • Lots of requests and hopes for a Wyze dash cam
  • Interest in future products like robot vacuums, smart blinds, lawn mowers
  • Appreciation for employees and volunteers engaging with the community
  • Gratitude for the giveaways and celebrating Wyze’s 6 year anniversary

In summary, it was an engaging event where Wyze employees connected with the community, gave updates about 2023 progress and 2024 goals, and did giveaways. Key highlights were introducing Wyze’s team, plans for improved AI, challenges faced this year, and excitement for future products. The community showed enthusiasm for new products and gratitude for Wyze’s community involvement.


Here are some funny highlights from the event

  • There was playful teasing between community members about who was the “king” of the discord server and who was the favorite after Dave first said Carverofchoice was his favorite after a discussion about him asking many questions in the AMA.
  • Cyberdog_17 complained about always losing giveaways, and employees teased that they have sent cyberdog some free stuff anyway. An employee joked about him trying to get hired for a long time.
  • When talking about future AI products, An employee joked about wanting an AI robot that could fold laundry and pick up after his kids.
  • There were funny comments about wanting a Wyze car, phone, beard trimmer, death star, and flux capacitor.
  • Veronica joked about “making it rain cameras” during the many giveaways at the event.
  • Daliadidag offered to give “an arm and a leg” for Wyze to make a dash cam.
  • Mattoftexas joked the Canada-only giveaways were due to inflation.
  • Gwendolyn called out Neilgould55 for entering a Canada-only giveaway despite being in Texas.
  • There were jokes about small quality of life improvements

The overall tone was light-hearted, with the Wyze team and community members joking around and having fun during the event.

EDIT: To clarify, about a robot that could do chores for you, that was mostly serious. Wyze said they are actually working on it, though it will be like 3-5 years from now.


Was their any update given on dark mode ?

In the AMA, yes… that’s coming.



Awesome. Thank, carverofchoice for this summary. I attended and this captures it well :star2:Another great event.


In case anyone is interested, If you go into Reddit for Dave & Dongsheng and look at their recent activity you can see all of their “Comments” in the Reddit AMA in the morning.
My screenshots show some of their comments. There are more.
I found their answers/comments very helpful, insightful and provides good context on Wyze & products.

I will also go in and look for other Wyze team that were answering.

I click on each one them up to the topic for context of their comment. It was much easier than going thru all of the feed.

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Jason always makes a summary of all answers with their associated questions for context and posts them in the “AMA Archive” area within a day or so after the event ends. He just finished this one. It can be found here:


That way you won’t ever accidentally miss any of the important answers from one of the employees, and you also don’t have to read all the other comments from non-employees trying to search for the ones you care about.

Also, I used to do a similar summary here in the forums with links to each answer. That took a lot of time. Now I usually just make a copy of Jason’s version and post it in here somewhere (sometimes the thread it was announced in, and sometimes a separate thread so it can be tagged as AMA and have it made clear in the Title). I’ll be posting that really soon for people’s convenience now that Jason is done with his side of things.


I posted the AMA summary/recap copy for the forum here now:

Hopefully that is just a little more convenient for people who don’t use Reddit and/or want to be able to quote something from the AMA into other threads more easily.


Thanks for the link. This is great. Very helpful!!

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