Wyze WebView alternative: NOX Player

This is a real easy workaround. Download and install Nox Player for Windows (I’m running Windows 11), Start Nox and make sure you are running Android 7. Install the Wyze App from the Android Store. Login to your Wyze account and you have access to the standard App interface. You can full screen and window the feeds - plus you have volume / mic, pan & tilt, etc. All your other devices are available too. Plus you don’t need Cam+

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You lost me at Android 7.

Nox is an Android Emulator running in Widows that currently has 3 Android ‘releases’ from which to choose to run Android apps inside of. 5, 7 and 9


Does it display Wyze cam groups 4-up in Landscape like on a phone or tablet?

In Bluestacks 5 (Android 7) Emulator it won’t. Only a single column of multiple cams in Portrait, scroll-able.

I think it will if I can figure out the settings. I’m getting some weird results with the auto-rotate and landscape settings on the new version of the emulator. It keeps toggling between landscape and portrait.

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