Wyze Watch - How to delete images from the app that I've used as watch face backgrounds

In the Wyze app for the Wyze Watch, when you create a custom watch face with your own image as the background, it adds the image to the app as a sort of saved background. This is handy if you want to switch to another photo that you’ve used without having to crop it again. But there are photos in the app that I don’t want there anymore. How do I remove them?

To remove a preselected photo from the app. Click on + add a new background. When your camera album opened, click on “Show Selected” at the bottom. Deselect that photo by removing the check mark, then close and reopen the app.

I’ve got the same problem but this didn’t work for me. Any other suggestions?

Same problem. In the Solimans suggestion there is no “Show Selected” option. The delete sequence doesn’t make sense. How about just indicating where the photos are stored on the Android and manually deleting them? I had no luck in searching my phone in possible locations. Is this a question for Wyze tech?

1- Click on + add a new background.

2- “Select more photos”


3- When your camera album opened, click on “Show Selected” at the bottom.

4- Unselect your photos!

Same question, however my Watch will no longer allow new Custom Faces to be added since I have reached 10 photos in the Background images
I need to remove my Background Photos !!

Same. I wish you could just go to highlight and delete the old ones. I feel like they are stored in server side.