Wyze Watch - email notification - fast and furious

Used the watch 47 for a couple of days, works very well, especially for the price. However, the email notifications have been really weird. When a new email comes into my Inbox, I don’t receive the email on the watch until I have a few emails that have arrived in the Inbox. When that happens, the watch buzzes like crazy and when I look at the watch, a bunch of emails start scrolling down the window. Does anyone else have this problem? So it seems to me that the email notifications will only be sent to the watch when there a a few emails queued up?

If you are using Android, there is an issue, which Wyze recently corrected, but still exists with GMail app. The issue is related to the DOZE mode issue. If the phone is off charger and has not been used for awhile, it goes into Doze mode. Notifications from GMail are delayed for a sporadic period of time. I experience this as well. Used to be an issue with Wyze notifications, but that has been corrected.

WIth that said, if you search the web, you will see that their is an ADB Command which disables Doze Mode and then Gmail and other apps will present notifications in a timely fashion.

You can verify this by unlocking your phone and/or putting it on a charger and then email yourself and see if your watch notifies you at the same time your phone notifies you.