Wyze watch 47 email notifications

This question for everyone who has the Wyze Watch 47. I currently have it set for email notifications. I get the notification when I receive an email from my Gmail account. The problem is that the notification only shows the sender of the email and the subject of the email not any part of the body of the email. I’m going back and forth with the support people at Wyze and they tell me that this is how it’s supposed to be. It is only supposed to show a snippet of the email but I tell them that I am not receiving a snippet of the email. Again, I only receive the name of the sender and the subject if the email. I am asking all of you…when receiving the email notification on your Watch 47, can you read any part of the email on your watch besides the sender and subject? Thank you

I set mine for email notifications and it worked for a while. But after the last Beta update it doesn’t.

What do you mean when you say it doesn’t work? Do you get any part of the email message?

Jesse Berasategui

Seems to be very flaky on timing
I get the:
Category Time
Subject line

But the timing seems that the watch, even when connected, 2 feet away and synched takes a long time to get the message. My phone shows the message and 10 minutes later it still has not gotten to my watch.

for Gmail, i get the sender, time, and a the first line of the body of the email. i don’t get the subject. I’m synced to iOS. it’s pretty much what i expect.