Wyze Watch - Unable to View Full Email

I just received and set up my Wyze Watch 47 today.
If I receive an email through Gmail all I see is the sender and subject and a delete option, even if I click on it nothing happens, am I supposed to be able to view the whole email or at least part of it?

I only see the sender and to who. no subject or email body. Did you do anything in the phone to allow for the subject?

This is all I see when clicking into the email which isn’t really all that helpful, but if I receive a text I can see the whole text.

That is what I see, I don’t see the subject in the image, am I missing something. You indicated a delete option, where is that? or am I missing something

I agree, not too useful without additional information.

If I swipe down on the screen it will bring up all the notifications, At the top I get the delete icon which just clears the notifications.

Ahh, saw that. Thought there was a way to delete one notification.

Trying to see how to get the email message to display. No luck yet. Text Messages work as does the Wyze notifications

Same here i see no portion of any gmail /email text msg are ok somehow i see to get duplicates but email is critical pleased fix this

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