Crazy Gmail notifications

I’m having problems with Gmail notifications. If there are, we’ll say, 10 emails on the phone (that I haven’t cleared) and a new one comes in, the watch will notify not once for the new email but 11 times. - and vibrate 22 times- Super annoying! Anyone have any ideas? Firmware is updated and it’s the wyze watch 47 connected to a pixel 4 xl.

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Same here. And it can happen with Texts for me as well. I get the initial notification, and if there are any uncleared emails, I get notifications for all of them. If a text comes in, I get the text notification and the email notifications all over again. I’m also on a Pixel (3A).

This happens for me, too – to the point where my watch will die in about 3 days because of the notifications repeating so crazily. I haven’t been able to figure out a way to make it stop.

Phone: Pixel 3a
Watch: 47

Both on the latest version.

Same here. And I have suspected that the multiple vibrations are causing my battery life to suffer.

no one who works at wyze actually uses wyze products and i know this because wyze is well aware of glaring annoyance but this watch has already been entirely abandoned. no updates., bug fixes, or anything else will come to the wyze watches