Wyze watch- contact names appear instead of just phone numbers (messages & calls)

Messages come across my 47 watch as numbers only. I don’t have all numbers memorized. I would love to have my contacts show up as names instead of just a number.

I had this same problem for some notifications until I followed these instructions: Not all notifications work on wyze watch - #14 by davidbelnap

I have a Samsung Galaxy s20+, I looked under setting within the wyze watch app. I only have one wyze to toggle. Do I need to look in my phone settings? The instructions weren’t super clear to me. I’m using the default SMS app on my phone, and that is toggled on in the watch app, so why aren’t my contact names showing up with my sms message? Thanks for the reply!!

Yes–check under phone settings. I had to search for Special Access or Notification Access to see and enable “Wyze” and “WyzeBand”

I have the same problem. I have checked every setting possible. I even setup my wife’s watch for her and it works perfectly. I think I have an application issue or something in my account that is weird… because I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it persisted.

I even deleted and paired my wife’s watch as if it was mine and the issue showed up on her watch. My watch that she re-paired to her account did NOT have the issue. So it is not hardware related. I’m not sure what else I’m missing. But I’m sure I’m missing something.


Found my issue of why a phone number kept showing up as a number on the watch instead of their name (they are a known contact). Contact phone numbers had periods (.) in their numbers versus a dash (-).

Fixed those numbers and now names are showing up correctly.

Watch is working predictably now. I look forward to improvements with the watch.


Yes, for any gadget to identify the number, it must be the same. If it uses no separations (xxxxxxxxxx), then you must do the same. If it uses xxx.xxx.xxxx, then you must use that instead of (xxx) xxx-xxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Hopefully, that will get smarter soon.

When I receive notifications via my MS Teams app, I see the sender’s name. When I receive a notification via my Pulse app (what I use for texting), I only get the phone number. Text messages should default to the sender’s NAME and not NUMBER (no matter what is used) as per the original post by @brett.e.bullis

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If you use the phones default texting app, do you get names or numbers?

I ask because it could be the way Pulse presents data to outside applications that may be different than default texting applications do. It will help to determine if all apps are affected or just Pulse.

On my Watch 47 and my wife’s Watch 44, contact names show just fine for text messages. However, for incoming phone calls, only the numbers show. Not the names. Note that this is for people who are definitely in my contacts.

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I have the Watch 47 and my wife has the Watch 44. Both show the contact’s name on incoming text messages but neither show the caller’s name on incoming phone calls, even if the caller’s name is in my (Android) phone’s contacts. Need to show the incoming caller’s name. I can’t memorize all of the phone numbers in my contact list.

Make sure your phone numbers are standard… and make sure you choose “Messages” as an application to receive notifications. This is different than the app that Wyze turns on by default (default SMS).

I was finally able to get the name to display by deselecting the “text” app and then selecting only “pulse” app. When using “text”, it comes across as a number. WHen selecting the actual text app, it comes across as the name. I think we’re good!

Same problem I would like to see contact name not phone number. Both would be fine but I need name for sure.

I am not sure what the text and pulse areas are that you mentioned. What app?
I just see numbers no names.

I think he is using the Android “Pulse” texting app. And he is saying that if he selects that app, under “Other applications”, rather than just flipping the “text” app on the main screen, then he sees the contact names on texts. Just like I see contact names on my texts by turning on the “Messages” app (the texting app that i use) under “Other applications”.

Now if there was just a way to get contact names on incoming telephone calls!

Why can u see the numbers on my watch and not the name?

Call Notification with Caller ID

I would love for the incoming call notification to show the caller’s name instead of just their number. Especially, when the contact is saved to your phone.

I have found that it is VERY sensitive to the format of the phone number in my contacts. If I have the number entered in my (Android) phone contacts as (555) 555-5555 the watch shows the name of the incoming call. If I am missing a space, dash, or parenthesis it does not show the caller’s name.

Thanks for that … I noticed that when my wife calls from her cellphone I get the number but when my kids call using the home phone I get the name. So I took a look at the format of each number, based on what you’re suggesting and in Jamaica when the number has the +18761234567 format it shows the # but if it’s saved using the (876) 123-4567 format it doesn’t … Thanks so much for that insight.