Watch 44 and 47 Phone Number Format Bug

On both my Watch 47 and my wife’s Watch 44: Incoming phone calls show up on the watch but they only show the caller’s name if the phone number in our cellphone’s Contacts has the area code formatted in parentheses. Otherwise it just shows the incoming phone number. For example a contact with the number formatted as 1-999-555-1212 does not show the caller’s name but if it change it to (999)555-1212 it does show the caller’s name.

Both phones are Pixel 4XL running Android 11. The Wyze app on both phones is 2.22.12. Watch 47 FW is 0.12.49. Watch 44 FW is 0.3.91.

Credit to @vaaish for pointing me in the right direction on this.

I tested this yesterday , I had the phone# saved in this format +1 612-xxx-xxxx and the calling name was displayed. This was on the 47 using pixel 4a5g android 12

Interesting. You’re running a beta release of Android (12)? Wonder if it’s actually an Android 11 problem in how it reports the information to the watch/app?

Yes, beta 12. Try changing the number format like mine and test

I’m not 100% certain there’s a specific format that works. I think the key is formatting the number in the way that android autoformats it. It might be that Android 12 allows more freedom in that format than 11 or it may be that Wyze doesn’t accept the hyphen between the country code and area code.

I have tried it with (as in your example) and without the hyphen between the “1” and the area code and it didn’t work either way for me. Only works with the area code in parenthesis.

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