Wyze Watch - Call Information is always the phone number and not the name?

Hello All,

I’m having an issue with phone calls only coming in as the phone number and not the caller’s name. I am NOT having issues with notifications. All my apps notify me without issue.

I set all the deep settings for background battery optimization, application access to Call Logs, Phone, Location. I selected Phone in both places in the notification area. I uninstalled the application and reinstalled it. I deleted the watch and re-added it 3 times. I even swapped with my wife’s watch (she is NOT having an issue) and the issue followed the new watch. I am using a Pixel 3XL and I am very comfortable with the deep technical areas of cell phones. I am an I.T. person by trade.

Which leads me to deduce that I either have a bug in my phone that I don’t know where to delete it… or there is something in my account that will follow me no matter what.

Thoughts, suggestions? Is this a support incident?


Found my issue of why a phone number kept showing up as a number on the watch instead of their name (they are a known contact). Contact phone numbers had periods (.) in their numbers versus a dash (-).

Fixed those numbers and now names are showing up correctly when I get a phone call.

Watch is working predictably now. I look forward to improvements with the watch.

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Thanks for the solution! I remember that back in the days when my first Bluetooth phone paired with my car. Ya gotta let the car know the number as it it received by them, so it can be identified. That goes for all gadgets!

Nice work1