Wyze Watch - Apps compatibility

I’m considering to pre-order the new Wyze Watch. But what apps will work on it? It doesn’t really say in the info page whether it uses the Google, Apple, or Amazon App Store for adding apps. All it says is, “Messaging, weather, music, video, and many more apps!”

  • Does the watch have a mic? (for virtual assistant apps)
  • Does the watch have a speaker? (for music apps and notifications)
  • Does the watch have built in GPS? (for running and mapping apps)
  • How much storage does it have to hold these apps?
  • What app Store does it use?

No mic, no speaker, no gps. Not sure what apps work, likely play and apple store apps. Storage info is in the details page of the watch.

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Check this thread for more details https://forums.wyze.com/t/wyze-watch-makes-its-debut-12-1-20/145443/13?u=bartipoo

Is the Wyze Watch compatible with the Oculus Quest 2 VR & Supernatural app, as a Heart Rate Monitor?

Ordered on the first day!

Not sure, we’ll see soon enough. First day orders will ship before the end of the month.

I have the watch now, just don’t see where you can add apps to the watch. It doesn’t seem to show up on Wear OS app. The Wyze app only show it has two apps; shortcuts and weather. Maybe someone can correct me, because I do not see the way to do this currently.

I think y’all are expecting too much from this watch.
it’s not a Apple Watch or a Wear OS Android Watch.
Not gonna be compatible with any of that that.
You’ll get simple alerts and fitness tracking.
Not much more.


As far as I know, there is no App Store. As indicated, the watch is basic fitness with Heart monitor, O2 Sensor, sleep sensor, etc. It also does the notifications.

No Speaker (Vibrates) or mic, so it is only for notifications. Basic functionality, but a lot of features for the price. So far, mine is working well.

Just got mine today. I like it, but it needs more functionality. How about at least an app for a calculator. It has weather and biometrics stuff. BT synching is slow (Samsung S20+), but overall, not disappointed for $25; just would like more.

Were you able to get this to work? I just got the watch but I can’t seem to pair it with supernatural :cry: