Wyze Watch: Ability to reply to SMS texts

Wyze Watch: Ability to reply to SMS texts. Ideally by voice and/or standard and custom quick replies.

As the watch has neither microphone nor speaker, only some canned replies would be feasible–and useful.

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Yes Please! Pick canned replies from a list. “On my way”. “Running Late”. “Yes”. “No”. “OK”. “Almost there”. “Driving/Busy: Can’t reply right now”. “Leaving now”. Just to name a few to start with.

Would actually be terrific if you could create your own short reply list.


Wish my wyze watch i could respond to text messages.

PLEASE SEARCH #wishlist and #roadmap and read the How to Use the Wishlist BEFORE POSTING. If your submission is approved, don’t forget to VOTE for it.

Please include other text services (ie, Voice), not just phone SMS.


I have a wyze watch and I want to text on it can you help

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