Wyze Watch 47mm screen size

Perhaps I missed something in the product description but it was to my understanding that the 47mm watch had a screen size to fit the entirety of the face. This does not appear to be the case with the watch I’ve received. Not only that, the actual screen itself is not even centered with the face.

I probably would have ordered the smaller face if I knew this would be the case.

Anyone else notice this? It’s most prevalent when I use a custom photo background but I can see the actual screen size this the same in other modes as well.

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I noticed that also. Wonder if some can post the screen of the smaller watch to see the difference, if there is one.

Mine appears to be centered

Looks similar to mine, centered left to right, but not top to bottom. If you look close at the clock face, you can see that it does extend further down, wonder why the image does not do that.

As noted in the link I posted…

What’s the extra space on my Wyze Watch 47 screen?

Wyze Watch 47 has a 1.75 inch, high-definition display with a resolution of 320 x 385. You may notice that your watch has a little extra space at the bottom. That’s normal! Behind that space is a driver chip, and this is a normal hardware feature

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Duly noted. :slight_smile:
Been one of those days, trying to do my taxes as well. Should have clicked the link. My Bad.

That’s hardly centered to my eyes. There is a small black area at the top and a big black area at the bottom. If it were centered the black area would be the same top and bottom and side to side.

I was referring to the bezels on the sides which are the same as the top. I already posted why the bottom is larger

Ahh, thanks for the link on the explanation of the chip. Any idea of the 44 is the same situation?

No I’m not sure, I haven’t really looked at 44

The bottom bezel is larger than the one on top. No a dealbreaker for me, it’s there but in less than one day of use it “disappeared “ Currently using a dark background which helps forget about it.

I think the watch looks very very nice for the price. Feels heavy and high quality. I wish the watch faces available were nicer. Hopefully future updates bring more subdued options.

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I agree. Had my watch for a couple of days now. Works well for me. There are a few bugs which need to be fixed and some new features which hopefully could be added, but I am not disappointed in this purchase.

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It doesn’t look normal it looks like poor design