Wyze Watch 44 vs 47 Comparison

I received my Wyze Watches today - 44 and 47. Immediately I was taken aback by the packaging different (closer to square for the 47, longer and nicer for the 44). Then I went to plug them in and realized the magnetic charges are direction-specific (cable from the right on 47, from the left on 44) plus the 47’s magnetic hold is inferior (no metal dots on outside like on the 44?). Next I realized the displays on both are very different (rounded and closer to edges on 47, square with huge bezels on 44). So I took to the forums to read a bit more and seeing that there are a lot of differences between these two watches, not just “screen” size.

Is there a list of all the differences between these two models such as specifications (ie. CPU and RAM, battery longevity, full case dimensions, etc) plus feature differences? To market these are two sizes of the same watch is, I hate to say, misleading as they are almost generational differences right out of the box (heck, the model numbers are WWTCH1 for the 44 and WW3 for the 47??). What say the rest of the Wyze Universe?

Edit: read the back of the boxes and already found the following:
Case Size: 1.73" 44mm / 1.85" 47mm
Screen Size: unlisted / 1.75"
Battery: 250mAh / 300mAh
Input: 5V 500mA / 5V 1A
Operating Temp: -4 to 140 F / 41 to 113F
Band Size: 6.3-9.4" / 5.7-9.0"
Band Material: Silicone / Silica Gel (not sure if different but feel and slightly look different)

Both BLE5.0, IP68, and Android 5.0+/iOS 9.0+ compatible. Also noticed the charging cables are slightly different (thickness and length).


Its kind of hard to tell from the photos but, are they very close to the same size? I realize there is an advertised 3mm difference, but “is it really”? lol

Also are the bands the same size or a noticeable difference? they “look” the same in the photos

I ask because I bought the 44, because a have a small wrist… but I’m pretty disappointed by the actual screen size… I’d hoped the viewable screen stretched to the actual edges much like the 47 appears to be.


The casings are noticeably different sizes and the displays even more (see below). As far as the bands go they look similar but if you look closely you notice slight differences plus they feel ever so slightly different (may just be me).


Side by side, the curved screen looks a lot nicer on the 47.

Like you said, it’s almost like the 47 could be considered a newer version.

Now that I’ve seen the comparisson, I’m disappointed my 44’s screen looks so different. However, the 47 would have been too large for my wrist.

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47mm Watch 44mm Watch
Display Size: 1.75 TFT LCD
Screen Resolution: 320x385
Color: 16-bit colour
Battery Capacity: 300 mAh
Battery Life: 9 Days
MCU: 96MHz
Ram: 512KB
Ext. Flash: 16MB
Display Size: 1.4 TFT LCD
Screen Resolution: 320x320
Color: 16-bit colour
Battery Capacity: 250 mAh
Battery Life: 9 Days+
MCU: 100+150MHz
Ram: 288KB + 8M
Ext. Flash: 16MB

So looking at this the 44 has 2 MCUs (dual? or 2 different MC) as well as 2 Rams? so its beefier then the 47. I assume the 150Mhz and 8M Ram is for the screen as a separate Micro Controller...

Im hoping in another firmware they can add an event feature. either way it has enough horse power to display a static image of someone at the doorbell if event triggered, the app should be be able to send it as a notification and a 29k bmp file in the message via BT with no issues…

its no secret that the time faces are frames (every sec. every min, every hour uploaded) would be simpler to add small logic to do one image as bg and each number as an image and do transparency dynamic builds of time face. (i think this is why it takes so long to upload a time face) how do they dynamically do the Stats? hell the App on the device could do all the processing and just upload it as a sync every 60secs if its too much for the 150Mhz and 512KB ram (though i do more on my 8266 micro-controllers and Arduino) I would love to get the .bin file firmware and hack it up abit…


I appreciate the comparison with the screens on, thanks!
It almost looks like they could have fit the 47 screen into the 44’s case and it been an edge to edge screen xD

Thanks for the details @ONjOlt that’s really helpful. Does make me scratch my head as well with the MCU and RAM differences. Almost like they had a table full of watch samples and randomly picked two but only marketed them as different sizes, not different models all together.

I do try to keep my expectations low with these being $30 smartwatches, but with Wyze’s typical more-for-less mentality I would have hoped for more, not you-get-what-you-pay-for.


Received my 44 and 47 yesterday, one for me and one for my daughter. Noticed that I can add both my account but I can only setup one user, i.e make/female, age weight.

Should I create a separate account for her?

Any suggestions? Thanks

I would create a Wyze account for her.

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I am not bothered by the smaller square-cornered screen on my 44. I am, however, bothered by the off-center screen of the 47. Looks like a mistake, or at best, sloppy design. The key similarity is that the fonts are the same size for legibility.

I agree - separate accounts will be best, so that vital stats/data like heart rate, etc. will be relevant to her. I did for my child.

I agree that the curved screen looks nicer. The square corners on the 44 looks “cheaper”. However, it is centered on the face vs. the off-center 47. That is a lame decision.

After 2 weeks wearing this 24/7…Back into the draw until this becomes a real wearable gadget. Back to the Rolex.