Help Me Choose The Correct Size Watch

I’m not sure what the 44 mm and 47 mm represent. I’ m assuming it’s a diagonal measurement. The 44 mm watch has a 1.4" screen which is 35.56 mm and the 47 mm has a 1.75" screen which is 44.45 mm. A bit confusing. (Also why use two different measuring system describing the same watch?)
If it’s a confusing for me then it’s likely confusing for others.
Would Wyze make it easier to choose the correct size by providing some guidance. Perhaps show photos of people wearing them.

44mm/47mm is the aluminum casing size, 1.4in/1.75in is the actual screen/LED display size. Confusing a little, most manufacturers use dimensions in mm only.


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@Brian has a great explanation!
The simple way is, the larger the number (mm) the larger the watch and screen. They both currently have the same features.

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This is not helpful at all. What are the height and width of the watch?
When it sits on my wrist, how wide is it? 1.75 inches is wider than my wrist, but I understand that is the diagonal measurement, not the width.
By height I mean the 2-dimensional height of the rectangle, not how deep it is.
(Depth is given elsewhere as 12+ mm - kind of thick.)

so I have been speaking quite a bit to Wyze about the watch sizes as our roles as mavens is usually to help in circumstances such as these. here is the information if anyone needs it as this has seemed to come up quite a bit lately.

the measurements I was given are as follows,

the measurements for the 44 are,
horizontally ( side to side of the screen) 1.40 inches
vertically (top to bottom of the screen) 1.70 inches
and depth- .48 inches.

and the measurements for the 47 are,
horizontally- 1.52 inches
vertically- 1.86 inches
and depth- .50 inches

I hope this helps anyone looking for further clarification and I am going to tag the @Mavens Just incase this question comes up again elsewhere so this information can be disseminated and people can make the best decision in their purchase. hope this helps.


Thanks, that’s what I needed to know.

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