I need purchasing advice for the 2 watches available

I’m in the market for one of the watches, but the shop is only leaving me with more questions than answers.

The 2 watches are virtually identical, save for minute differences in physical size and weight, at 2 different prices… and they’re not telling me why I’d want the more expensive one. Or why the one with a larger screen is the cheaper one.

I went to the web pages for both watches on Wyze.com and looked at the tech specs of each watch. They are completely identical except for the dimensions and weight. What are the differences I can’t see?

Why is the watch with the smaller physical face the more expensive one? What am I getting for the extra money if I get the more expensive one?

I’m assume the biggest differences in the software is: different, exclusive faces to each watch. Then can I please see an example of all the possible faces for each watch, to help my purchasing decision?

Personally, I’m a Band man myself. Good battery life & best in notifications, which beyond seeing the time is about the only function I use it (them) for. You can also use the Band for Alexa. :slight_smile:

For aesthetics, I like the 47, but battery life is less than a week ATM.

Because I’m using the Band I don’t currently wear the watches, but the last time I did the 44 had the best battery life, beating the Band by a bit. I see 10 or 11 days with the Band, and had 10-14 or so with the 44. The 47 was only getting 4 or 5 days. In the early days the 44 was the worst for battery life and the 47 the best, but firmware revisions reversed that.

On notifications, the Band lets me adjust how long a notification stays on screen, and gives me touch screen capability to wake it up again if I miss something, or just want to know the time (to save battery life I do not use raise-to-wake on any of them).

The Watches don’t give me an adjustable delay on notifications, and do not have a touch-to-wakeup activated. You have to press their buttons. Also, notifications disappear very quickly. So quickly I really never see one on the 44, I have to press the button each time to bring it back. The 47 isn’t much better, which is why I like the Band for notifications.

As far as watch faces, the 44 added one recently that is a pretty good analog watch face. You can see it in the store. I think they added some new ones for the 47 too. But I made my own watch face on the 47, using a vacation photo I took. The 44 has that capability too.

Attached are some pics, and screen captures of some app screens for the three.

44, 47, Band: