Wyze Watch 47 Screen Protector

Got my watch today. Wondering if anyone knows of any screen protectors that would fit this watch? I am assuming some for Apple watches might fit,


Maybe we can use one of those screen protectors for phones made of plastic that can be cut to size.

Maybe an Apple Watch one will work…


I think the Apple Watches are too small. I believe they are only 40mm and 44mm and this watch is 47mm.

You are probably correct. Didn’t think of that

Bedifol 6X Savvies Ultra-Clear Screen Protector for Wyze Watch (47 mm), accurately Fitting - Simple Assembly - Residue-Free Removal Amazon.com

If you don’t want to spend half of what the watch cost just make your own with this trimmable plastic.

Good idea.

Still looking for a screen protector for my Wyze Watch. I’m going to try this one out and I’ll report back with my results:

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I am curretly using this one … I used that plastic thing but wasn’t happy after it started unpeeling in the corners. Check this out, works great!!


Phonyrappers, thanks for posting the link. Just to confirm, the link you posted fits the 47mm Wyze watch perfectly? I have been unsuccessful in finding a tempered glass protector for the 47mm watch. Thanks in advance!

Phonyrappers, I want to get it too! Im hoping it was the 44mm one that you got for the 47mm Wyze… Can you confirm??

Bledsoe, have you tried this yet?

If they have the 44mm they should have 47 but I was only looking for 44 so not completely sure if they have 47mm but I think they would. I hope this helps.

No, I ended up assuming that the phony meant that this fit their 44mm watch. Also I just ended up getting to the point where if I scratch/crack the watch I have now, I will just pay another $27 for a new one.


Phonyrapper, to be clear, you bought the one you linked in here? Said it worked… Which MM is your Wyze watch and which mm did you buy from Amazon? I can only choose from 40mm and 44mm. Thanks for your prompt response?

I bought the 44mm and it’s been working great. Since Apple has a 47mm too I wouldn’t see why the company wouldn’t sell a 47mm case too from the same company. I hope you find it.

I ended up cutting my own film protector. Had a leftover IQ Shield protector for a phone I no longer use… I used the thin sheet protector that shipped with the watch as a template and cut the IQ Shield to size with exacto knife. The way it’s applied uses a water+detergent solution, you can remove bubbles with a squeegee and even reposition it without worry as long as you don’t stretch the film. been great on my other devices…hope it works with the Wyze watch too.

unrelated - hoping Wyze makes a few more watch faces available… I know it’s a cheap watch but really am hating their color selections

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Wyze should just make a case for the 47 watch instead of making us go to a 3rd party.

I just ordered this screen protector from Amazon specifically designed for the wyze watch 47mm

TUDIA Easy Snap On Tempered Glass Compatible for Wyze Smart Watch 47mm, Full Coverage Tough PC Case with Screen Protector Bubble-Free Anti Fingerprint HD Protective Case Cover Amazon.com

Has anyone tried it yet? It’ll get delivered later this week, will report back…