Wyze Watch 47 Logo Is Constantly Displaying

My Wyze Watch 47 is displaying the Wyze Logo every few minutes. After the Logo the time is displayed. The watch also vibrates when the logo is displayed. This is very annoying and I’m about to put the watch in a drawer, along with my other so called smart watches that don’t work as advertised. The last update did fix the watch not displaying the time when my arm is raised. Thanks for this fix. Now fix this annoying bug.

that sounds like it is stuck in a boot loop. are you able to sync it with your phone?


I agree with @Bam this sounds like the watch s stuck on the boot screen.
Have you tried holding down the side button to power off or restart the watch?
If that doesn’t work, you might have to let it run it’s battery out so you can charge it, causing it to attempt rebooting again.

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I have turned off then on, removed watch,
reinstalled watch, turned off features, but nothing seems to effect the random display of Wyze logo then the time.