Wyze Watch 44 Fails firmware update

Now the watch is useless, I have uninstalled reinstalled app, ran the update with out Wifi, (just BT) and stil, nota, removed the W44 out of the app and added it manually, still just will not update…

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now i get

no way to that

Had the same issue with a Watch 44 shows its updating firmware, then gives the core data missing message. I tried updating firmware 3 times. It finally went on the 3rd try. No idea why it decided to that time. App said Congrats your update went great and it took watch a couple minutes to finally reboot.

I called Wyze support, and to save time I gave them a bit.ly link http://bit.ly/ww44ff that goes to this forum topic so they could see the pictures. They wasted no time and were able to issue me an email to warranty a replacement.

I will let you know how that goes.

it’s a three days after I submitted all the information required I get this in my email… I understand that the Philippines had a typhoon happening but they were able to send this email so I’m not quite sure why they couldn’t send the request directly to Washington. it’s now been over a week and no update

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