Wyze Video Doorbell Not Fitting In Door Frame

Hi, all! So I bought two of these: one for my front door and another for my side door. My house is pretty old - built in the 40’s. I anticipated that I would need to either move the location of the doorbell or find an adapter to make it fit in the door frame. The width of the adapter it comes with can possibly work, but I don’t want to angle the camera to the side. Any ideas for where I can find or how I can rig an adapter to make these fit? If you have already done something similar, would you mind posting a photo showing what you did? Thanks in advance!

I have a eufy doorbell and waiting for the Wyze to become available. For my Eufy, I used plastic spacers (Extra iones I had from a wall mount for a TV) behind the mounting plate where the screws went through. It lifted enough to allow it to be mounted straight.

You can also use a wooden or plastic shims, put behind the door bell.

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Thanks! Did the spacers, however, leave any gaps around the top, sides and bottom? If so, how did you fill in the gaps?

They did, It didn’t bother me as the location is relatively dry. I also figured the water, if any, could pass underneath. But Whit Caulk would work as well. I will take a pic for you.

Here are the Pic. Please note: I am not recommending Eufy, I know this is a Wyze Forum. I am going to get a Wyze Doorbell once they are available. :slight_smile:

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I use double sided mounting tape. The industrial brands are designed to provide between 20 and 35 pounds force.

You can mount a battery door bell almost anywhere. You should try to make sure the wide angle camera can capture the stoop as well as people. Some kits come with shims for that purpose.


Update: To make a custom mount that would fit in the frame of my front door, I ended up gluing 3 pieces of paint stir sticks together and cutting it to size. The front two pieces are the same width, and the back one about 2/3 of the width to fit into the multi-level crevices.

For the side door, I ended up just using the wedge. It overlaps a bit with the door frame, but it works. I caulked the top to make sure water doesn’t trickle down the back. Hope this helps with anyone else having similar issues.