Wyze Video Doorbell has micro USB

Good afternoon, I found a micro USB connector on the back of the Wyze Video Doorbell. It is possible to power the camera via the micro USB connector. If so, what is the recommended source?

What else is that connector for?

Thank you

The Micro USB connector on the reverse of the device is a data/power port and will power the unit. However. It WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY if used in such a manner. It is used at the factory to flash the initial firmware.

From https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360057924691-Does-Wyze-Video-Doorbell-have-a-USB-port-

Does Wyze Video Doorbell have a USB port?



March 10, 2021 16:57

Yes, but using it would void the warranty.

Wyze Video Doorbell has a micro USB port on the back of the device, hidden under a protective rubber seal. This micro USB port should not be used to power your doorbell. It was only intended for production purposes.

Peeling off the protective rubber seal to access the micro USB port will compromise the IP65 weather resistance and void the warranty.


Both doorbells will work off standard 16V-24V AC doorbell power. To get that you may need to bypass any old mechanical chime that may be in circuit.

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