Wyze vacuum

I just received my Wyze vacuum. Upon it first roll-out, it began to map my house. It ran out of power about 50% of its mapping and returned to the charger.

When charged, will it resume mapping?

Hello and welcome!

Yes, it will charge to 60 or 80% if I remember right and it will resume mapping.

Alternatively, before an initial map is created, there is a quick map feature. It mapped out my house in about 15 minutes and then I was able to add the virtual walls and start vacuuming.

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Thanks for the help. I could not find a quick map feature, but that may be due to my excitement of getting the vac.

My Wyze Guy (it’s name) did what you said. It recharged and started mapping again, but I had to pause it late last night to stop the noise. This morning I tried to restart it and learned that it was disconnected from the internet. After placing it back on the charger, I discovered that it had powered down and only had a13% charge left. When powered back on, it connected again. Is that weird?

I have not experienced that, but I’ve also not had to pause it overnight. I did have a time where a sock got stuck in it’s wheel so it stopped running. The battery slowly depleted and eventually it turned off.

If you do not have a map, the quick map feature is on the main page, above the Clean button. It is not very obvious, just some green text that you click on. :grinning:

I have a map, but plan to reset and do a quick map, as it missed a few rooms.