Wyze Vacuum Scan Request/Mapping only (whole house or single room)

Has anyone tried to change the charging station while returning it to the station or while charging or before starting the new clean schedule?

While charging, I have moved the charging base and enabled return to charge, it found and continued charging, and noticed that no effect to the map or something. Will keep you posted what happens when we enable the cleaning. Hang tight.

Did it update the charger location correctly in the map?

Yes, It updated and returned to the station after cleaning. Need to thoroughly test whether screwed up the cleaning map, etc.

Tried doing that. Total mess! When I started cleaning, it created ghost rooms as if there was some hallucination!

Try to bring the charging station back to the original position and start to clean a small room and see how it works…

Love this idea. Mapping can be a bit of a pain right now. A way to have the robot quickly run through the house and scan it all would be much appreciated!

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There is an option to do a quick mapping after you reset your map now on Android 2.17.6, FW 1.6.87. if you already have an existing map then there is no option to do a quick map.

it helps but if the room is not the typical rectangular shape and items laid out as such then needs to be able to angle the virtual wall which is not available (yet : )

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Same here. So excited after sending vac out on quiet mode to map the house and it at some point got confused and mapped out 2 rooms it had already been in. So now I have a map of a 6br house, not 4. It has been my best map so far so maybe I will have to erect some virtual walls or select specific rooms.

Nice … you have 2 extra bedrooms to use now … lol :laughing:

At this point, you can do a remap and let it run. It is pretty much fast. Good Luck.

Just updated to Beta to try the new quick map feature. Huzzah! Finally! An accurate map! Thank you, Wyze!


I have one room that never gets fully mapped and a guest room that someday must be discovered when we’re done fixing it up.

I would like to be able to select a room and ask it to remap that one room (Office). Then the room can be fully vacuumed, rather than just the area seen when going down the hallway and mapping.
That would also make it possible for me to open the door to the hallway, when I am ready to have that room vacuumed and have it “discovered” by remapping the hallway.


I wanted to mention that remapping worked well and the missing room (Office) was mapped.
As I get time to experiment, I wonder if the mapping is somewhat adaptive…

After having the vac learn my apartment I realized it hadn’t mapped my son’s room. In order to do this it looks like I have to run a full clean from scratch just to learn one room. It would be great to have an option to “explore” which let’s the vac run it’s outside line pattern looking for new rooms or spaces to learn and clean, adding new open spaces to the map upon completion. Similarly, I recently moved a bunch of boxes that were in a hallway. The Vac had created a map around those boxes and when I took them away and ran a clean on that room, it diligently cleaned around the boxes which were not there. This feature could potentially allow it to explore newly opened space. Another use case is a deep pile rug which it had trouble with so I created a virtual wall. When I took the rug and the virtual wall away it still views that as an area to avoid. Thanks! Love this little robot BTW. Nothing but good things. Going to buy more for my family members.

Hi There;

My little Gerty (Gertrude) could not access a couple of areas on the re-map mission after a big update - however, on the next 2 cleans she re-discovered both areas and added them into the overall map! Super impressed if that is part of the new firmware, even MORE impressed is she is learning all the time!!

Love it!! Go Wyze!!!

Same thing. I used a remap and it was reluctant to explore further down my hallway. Rather than run a full clean to discover the missed areas, I set virtual walls to restrict the full clean to the room closest to the missed areas and ran the full clean. Then “discovered” the missed rooms and cleaned them, then added to the map (prompted me to update the map). I then reset the virtual walls. Seems the remap needs some work to be a little more thorough, either that or add the ability to discover while doing an area clean on only and adjacent room. Still really enjoying the robot vac who is known now as Scooby Doo. Moving house next week so will have a bigger area to deal with. I’ll report back then after mapping.

See my comment below. You might be able to force the remap/clean by using virtual walls to block off all but the hallway and route to get there - then leave the office door open and do a full clean. The virtual walls will force the robot to clean the Hallway and it should “find” and clean/map the office, allowing you to save that to the map upon completion.

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Ask the vacuum to remap one specific room instead of having to do the whole house again when one room gets messed up.

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