Wyze Vacuum Scan Request/Mapping only (whole house or single room)

Is there any change that remaping only 1 room … instead of the entire floor going to be an option anytime soon.

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lots of us would LOVE that!

Would it be possible on the vacuum mapping to remap a specific room if the furniture changes?
I don’t currently see how to do that other than to remap the entire house.

That is what everyone has been asking for since the vacuum came out. Last I looked their instructions / faq were wrong.

Ability to Remap by a named room in Wyze Vacuum

When I move furniture around in a room, I need to be able to remap the area. Currently I have to remap the entire house and then re-edit the new map to name the various rooms, combine areas, split areas, etc. It would be very handy and much simpler to be able to tell the vacuum to “Remap Bedroom 1” and maintain the mappings for the other rooms.



I also find it inconvenient and lacking this feature. How about remapping a portion of the house kind of a reverse keep-out zone? We had a bedroom being remodeled that was blocked off. Now the space is wide open but the robot won’t cross the invisible threshold.

Totally agree with the single room re-mapping. Just had out daughter move out of state for college and my wife re-purposed her room as her personal study. Since the room has been completely re-arranged and our daughters bed is gone we have a queen size area in the middle of the room that the vacuum will not touch. I am not going to rescan the whole house to “fix” one queen sized area in one room. We have plush rungs in several rooms that were a pain to set up no-go zones, having to go through that again isn’t something I want to do.

I’m hoping Wyze will incorporate single room scans to fix this problem, for now we just vacuum the dead zone in the middle of that room.

Seems like it should be a pretty simple fix to the mapping software.


I agree that it sounds like a fairly simple programming change to allow for the rescan of one room however this particular topic has been going on for several years with a lot of upvotes and I don’t see any comments from Wyze. I would love to see it on their roadmap with a go live or beta date. This seems like an essential function because people love to move furniture around in rooms.

I found a fix that works. Someone mentioned doing a whole house clean and it forces the vacuum to rescan the whole house without removing your room partitions or no-go Zones. I normally tell Alexa to have it scan a particular room or use the app to scan specific rooms at once but it’s been a long time since I’ve had it just vacuum the whole house at the same time.

I tried it this afternoon, it ran through the whole house and basically rediscovered each room. Once the whole house vacuum completed a message popped up that said “Some changes were discovered would you like to update the map?”, I clicked Yes and it updated with the changes! Now the queen-sized bed no-go area in my newly re-arranged room is gone and the vacuum is able to clean the whole room. All of my custom room partitions and no-go zones are still there. It would be helpful if Wyze actually documented this process as a solution so everyone is aware of it.

I still agree that a single room re-scan is a better, faster option but a whole house clean will accomplish it but will just take a lot longer.


Thank you so much and especially for the followup on this topic. MUCH appreciated.


Sure thing. I try to post any working fixes I find so everyone can profit from the knowledge.

Thought I should add this, since I have not posted a direct link to this on this thread. This post is where I’ve been keeping anything related to map changes.

Thanks for this work-around, snapper. Also casting my vote for a single-room re-mapping feature.


I also vote for having the map be able to update without doing an entire house cleaning. Our house is too large to be able to clean in one charge/recharge, so we have to use the mapping feature. Doing a full remap is difficult for only a couple of small areas that have changed.

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I’ve had good success using temporary no-go zones to reduce the amount needing to be vacuumed.

I’ve tried the no-go zone hack, via an alternative method. I simply put a couple of office chairs in the hallways leading to the other parts of the house and selected whole-home vacuum. Although it did re-map the room I was having trouble with, and asked if I wanted to save the changes, it now has forgotten I have a master bedroom, bathroom, or closet as well as making me fix the names for the rooms. Hopefully it’ll update the MBR when I vacuum next time, The MBR and associated rooms are still on the map, but now they don’t have a label and the app won’t let me select them to clean.

Re-map just one room or part of the map

Hey, I was just thinking it would be nice to re-map just one room or part of an existing map rather than have to re-map the entire area.

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