Wyze vacuum randomly skipping rooms

We have had a Wyze vacuum since Christmas…been working well. Recently bought a second one to have 1 on each level.

New one randomly skips sections. We have tried to redefine room borders etc., even removed all rooms. No luck. Here’s a capture of how it did perimeter of the dining room, kind of cut across it, but didn’t vacuum it.

Any thoughts as to why??

Strange behavior, but it could be due to that island or inner wall. I know there are some mapping issues with that, but don’t have one myself to confirm. @carverofchoice @R.Good @spamoni4 do you guys know anymore?

Has it vacuumed the entire dining room before?
Does it skip it often?

What kind of flooring is in your dining room?
Can you post a picture showing the flooring that will include the perimeter where it vacuumed vs where it skipped? I don’t think it will apply to you in this case, but sometimes the vacuum gets confused from various dark contrasts on the flooring (thinking there are temporary cliffs or something due to dark design patterns).

Does it do this to other rooms sometimes or usually just this one?

What firmware version is it using?

Did you ever use the other vacuum on this floor and if so did it act differently?

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Firmware is current.

Entire main floor is walnut…very smooth.

It skips random areas. It’s odd.

Oh and the other vacuum we have has vacuumed that level every night for 7 months with no issues.

In that case I would consider contacting support and see what they say.
Who knows, maybe they have something to resolve the issue, or maybe they’ll consider swapping it out if it sounds like the unit itself has a flaw. I am kind of leaning toward that if your other vacuum could always clean it without issues for so long, and this one isn’t behaving similarly.

One thing I might try before contacting support is possibly deleting and remapping the whole floor and see if that clears up the issue somehow. I think I once had to do something similar a long time ago to resolve a map issue, but it was so long ago at my previous house that I can’t recall all the details. I think I shifted something and it confused it somehow.

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Adding onto the remapping, if you changed something such as removing a table that used to be there, it will still avoid the spot the table was when you choose room clean. If you do spot clean or whole floor it will update the map as it goes, and go into the new area. Doubt this applies to you since you probably don’t have a giant box in the middle of your room, but good to know.

There are a few different firmware versions that could be considered current at this time. Can you verify the exact versions for me?

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