Wyze vacuum never received - anyone else get shipping information 12/20

On 12/20 I received an email telling me my vacuum had shipped and would be delivered on 12/24. Never arrived, no big deal didn’t expect it till January and all delivery services are jacked up right now.

I still have not received my vacuum, and order status on fedex still shows shipping information received.

Tried to contact wyze customer support, but too busy so the bot told me to do an email. Filled everything out and never heard back.

So I don’t have a vacuum, label was created almost a month ago, and support doesn’t respond.

Anyone else in the same boat?

Any suggestions?


Same here, but I finally got it.
Shipped from CA (isn’t everything?) on 12/19. I got 3 delivery dates and it finally got here 1/3.
I did get timely response from Wyze support, but FedEx would literally not speak to me.

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I’m probably 5 hours from where it ships from

glad you received yours

I got the shipped notification on Dec 19th, I think the tracking didn’t show anything till about Dec 29th, and it got here on Jan 2nd. Hope you get yours soon.

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Same story here. Tracking number showing only info received.
Been in contact with support, but getting no information.
Seems like an easy question to answer–'we shipped or we didn’t and here is what’s going on.
Now something from ‘Jimmy’ about lost packages.
Guess just have to keep waiting.