No movement from Tracking Number

Tracking for my vacuum was sent to me on December 20th, 3 weeks ago. However, according to FedEx, the tracking number is active but they haven’t actually received the package yet. Anyone else seeing this too? Don’t want to bother Customer Service if others can confirm. Just find it odd they’d send out tracking info so early. I was in the first 100 preorders (according to counter on the page) so actually thought I might be one of the first to get it, doesn’t sound like it though, bummer!


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A lot of folks have reported same. 12/20 label created out of CA warehouse and no movement.

My guess is they overestimated and ran shipping for a larger quantity than they had available and are waiting for additional stock.

I have no direct knowledge, just speculating based on working in shipping/logistics.

Only partially related, make sure you check out the info here about activating it once received.


Thanks @joedel263 for the info that others reported the same. I missed that pre-order shipping update email somehow too, so also helpful.

Take care.

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My orders take for ever after label has bee created very frustrating :frowning:

My order sat in one FedEx location for 3 weeks. Wyze wouldn’t do anything to assist.

What’s your location