Wyze Vacuum Laser in the Eye

Apparently the Wyze Vacuum has a laser? It was cleaning near the edge of our steps when I was walking upstairs. I got a nice flash of red in my right eye. Not cool.

How powerful is this thing? Do I need to see an eye doctor?

I’m hoping it’s not very powerful. I checked all the printed manuals and safety warnings it came with and I don’t see anything pertaining to the laser.

Although if I’m wrong, please let me know.

That’s why it’s so expensive - LIDAR.

No, no doctor needed because it’s not a strong laser and not a long exposure. Fun side note, if you turn your camera to IR mode, you can see the laser in action. It’ll appear as a dotted line because of the camera frame rate but it’s still kinda neat to see.


Yeah it’s been half a day now and I can still see, so I’m taking that as a good sign.

I’m honestly surprised there’s no safety warnings about the laser in the product packaging, but okay.


They are low enough power it might not be required. I’m not sure without knowing the technical specs. Also, because it’s a sweeping beam and not fixed, it would likely not cause damage even if it were within the power range required.

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