Wyze v3 offline, can't restore remotely

My router goes thru a native onboard reboot schedule every evening. Half my cams get power cycled by the plugs an hour later, the other half an hour after that. I have an AP also, just haven’t dug into the advanced settings yet to see if that has a native reboot.

I have a similar schedule, my router reboots at 3:00AM and the cams an hour later. Have you had any issues with this schedule?

The only issue I have experienced was when I modified the router to WPA3. After the reboot, a dozen of my non-Wyze IoT fell on their face. it appears that they are not WPA3 compatible.

Other than that, I have not had any issues whatsoever.

Nothing WYZE offers is WPA3 compliant. They will connect to a mixed-mode network, but not a pure WPA3 network.

I don’t believe that is correct. I recall a while ago that a firmware release added WPA3 capability. I added a WPA3 SSID on my Wifi, but never got any further with that (lack of time).

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Good morning and thank you for your reply. You may want to revisit that when you have more time. Trust me when I say that WPA3 is not support on the following WYZE devices:

  1. V2 cams
  2. V3 cams
  3. Color bulbs

I have personally verified those devices as I own them all. Before you say it is my router or network, I know it isn’t. Also, have a gander at this thread here on the forum when time permits. You will notice that a WYZE employee is participating.

WPA3 does not work

You are 100% correct in that WYZE touted WPA3 as supported in July of 2021, at least for the v2 cams. We were all lied to by WYZE. As you can see in the thread above, I’ve been on them/it since November of last year.


Your last paragraph was what I remembered - did not realize it was over a year ago…


I really hate this issue and Wyze needs to address it! We shouldn’t have to use a smart plug. This is just another device we have to buy, which uses power and uses my home Wifi. If Wyze can’t fix this then start making cameras with built in a hard reboot ability.

I agree. You do have a choice of either a smartplug or a timer but you shouldn’t be forced into this extra expense. Does anyone know if this issue is present in other companies’ cameras?

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what brand of smart plug are you using. All I have looked at seem to have a lot of bad reviews…thanks much…

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You have to take reviews with a grain of salt. Studies have shown that it is more likely that users will leave a negative review rather than a positive one.

I am using old style Amysen Smart Plugs on all my cams. These are no longer available.


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When I was out shopping, my research found that TP-Link Kasa had the least bad reviews and most were user related, not following instructions how to set them up. I am using HS-103 and I believe now they have new ones that are a bit slimmer. Haven’t had any issues with them except once they were unreachable at my cottage. But that was more of a router issue than the plugs themselves.

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thanks for the reply. I’ve order 4 and came to the same conclusion as you. appreciate your reply and input…

We have smart plugs on all our cams. Works great. Plugs do go offline once in a while but no where near as much as cameras do.

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I’ve been using Kasa by TPLink for years for smart plugs, and they’ve been rock solid. Though, if you’re getting too many wifi devices on your network, you may want to think about switching to zigbee or Z-wave (requires a hub, like Smartthings or Hubitat).

As a Network Admin, I’d say that if I had a home router that needed to be rebooted daily, I’d replace it. Ideally, it would never have to be rebooted, and that’s the experience I’ve had with most of my routers. My current one started needing to be rebooted every couple weeks after a power surge. If you want to schedule a router reboot, I’d probably do weekly.

It doesn’t need to be rebooted daily. I chose to have it rebooted daily, I like things to get purged and start fresh. Just like taking a shower every morning :slight_smile:


Former tech guy here. Frank, there’s a lot of good info here re power cycles. One thing that may not be obvious is that using a smartplug on a cam has a major failure point–if your router/AP ain’t happy, you can’t trigger the plug. So work from upstream first.
Had a similar issue to yours with IoT devices dropping offline in my second house (next to in-laws, 115mi away) and didn’t have time to do deep-dive troubleshooting. Knowing the router should be the first device rebooted but not being there to do that, I acquired a nice cheap timer module from Amazon (2-pack, $20) that power-cycles the router 1x/week for about 5 minutes ('way overkill-time for the electronics to completely reach quiescence.) Months later, all has been good, and I haven’t lost connectivity on anything since.
The router is a Netgear mesh WiFi AX, the timers are Nearpow, and my herd of smart plugs are TP-Link, with which I’ve never had an issue over several years.
Good luck!