WYZE V2 - Image Quality

I just purchased two WYXE V2 cameras. Is there a way to increase the recorded image quality? I know its 1080p 15fps, is there a way to increase the frame rate to 30 or even 60? I had two maintenance workers enter my home and the image of them is very blurry.

There is no way to adjust the frame rate

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@WyzeJasonJ is correct. The only thing you might want to check is the resolution on the camera’s “Live View” for the best image quality. Check to see if you have it set as HD/SD or 360p . You will see it on the top left. You can change the resolution by tapping it and a box will pop up. But regardless anything moving and in motion will probably result in a blurry image.


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So these cameras are not “high quality” like stated. If I can’t capture a stranger’s face when walking into my home, what’s the point? Yes, its on “HD” and I’ve downloaded the file(s) locally as well from my iPhone too. I’m a video engineer with over 20 years by trade, I know how cameras work. This is very poor quality. Is there any way to increase this? Is it the camera its self or the chip? Getting 30 or 60 fps shouldn’t be an issue. I have local storage so I don’t care about file size. I understand when it’s streaming at its 100/kbs +/- but have a high resolution file local to the camera. Any future upgrade for this?

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The best chance to capture a clear image is using the snapshot feature in the app. If you have a microSD card in the camera, you can go to the time of video footage on the microSD card and tap on the “camera icon” and capture an image. The snapshot will go to your album. I have gotten clear images by doing this verses trying to stop the video to see the person’s face.


When I get home tonight I’ll try again to remove the SD card and import it to my video editing software. This will give me the highest quality. I’ll select a frame and see if I can make out the details of the person in the frame. I’ll give you guys an update then. Thanks

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: