Wyze v2 crashing accessing sd card with no recording

wyze v2 crashing again accessing sd card on
noticed today as had a site that lost power for 8hrs, trying to scroll back to see when the last recording was and the camera kept crashing, didnt appear to impact the pan cam
can also reproduce on a camera i have locally that hast been connected for a few days
captured logs , ticket numbers below
380945 , 380947

picture showing the 3min gap for the reboot (ticket 380945)
the other camera timing out when scrolling back (ticket 380947)
reconnecting and timing out (could hear the camera click as it reloaded by itself)


I am seeing this with my V2 Camera’s as well. I haven’t pulled the memory stick out yet to see if its actually recording or if it’s just crashing when trying to read the files.

I noticed this on a v2 today. Crashed it twice. Restarted. Came back an hour later and it works fine. :thinking:

I tried rebooting but it hasn’t fixed it. When I get off work I am going to pull the mem stick to see if its recording.

Are you using High Endurance cards?

I am using SanDisk Ultra Plus 32GB cards. Everything was working okay until after this last round of updates.

I tried the rebooting thing but that didn’t work initially. I unplugged the unit for a few min and plugged it back it. It worked, I repeated the process for my 2 remaining V2 cams and they are now working as well.

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I use the same cards in most of mine. Started out with them-they are great cards. However they are apparently not rated for long term continuous recording and over time can cause problems. I swapped two of them in cams I was having connection problems with and it seemed to help. I also changed other things so I can’t be certain exactly what worked. I took the old SanDisk cards and used them in other applications and they worked fine. Haven’t had any problems with the HE cards yet. Just a thought…
SanDisk HE Cards

my topic may of been a bit misleading read out of context. the problem i discovered was when my camera lost power for 8hrs due to the local power company doing work, when i was scrolling back to try and find the last time of the recording the camera was crashing, which i assumed was due to an 8hr gap of nothing being recorded , and each time scrolling and stopping trying to access the time stamp.
scrolling back if there is video recorded doesn’t seem to crash the camera.

also didn’t know this was the candidate release firmware version , makes sense there was no announcement in here for it :slight_smile:

My first V2 Cam has been using this card for over a year without a problem. This Beta software is a bit janky IMO and caused an issue because all 3 of my V2’s were hit with the problem at the same time. When my oldest starts having issues I may replace but right now I have 4 cams using the cards.

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I’ve had this problem. I found that I can view playback if I access it from event recordings. So go to an event recordings and click ‘view playback’. Mine doesn’t crash from there.

I’ve also experienced with the new beta that events will play better than trying to go directly to timeline and view. Camera seems to have a lot of connection problems then. Never had it actually crash the app though.
I need to take my own advice and test to see if these problems occur on only the cams not running the HE cards. Just realized that. Will post back.