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I just installed a Wyze thermostat with 3 wireless sensors in various rooms of my home. Installation was really easy, which is great for non technical people, I however am an HVAC technician and have struggled to find an easy way to get into the configuration to change functions like humidifier control without performing a reset all settings command which makes you begin the setup instructions over again, I’ve done this once before and had to pair all my wireless sensors again. Is there a way to get to the configuration without doing the reset? Also I have weird issues with short cycling of the heat as well as heat call staying on when the average zone temp is 8-9deg over setpoint. I’m also curious if I can get a bit more detail on how the wireless sensors are used to measure areas in my home and ultimately give my thermostat an average temp, min temp, max temp. I’m about to send this back but I like everything else I’ve bought from Wyze and I want to like this thermostat too. Thanks in advance!

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No. The humidifier accessory has to be added during the setup process \ wiring programming to activate that feature. It certainly would have been intuitive to allow for UI programming of a humidifier install add in after the initial Thermostat install, but Wyze didn’t account for that.

When you do the reset and setup again, you essentially have to start from scratch if the additional wires weren’t designated during the first setup.

I took a look thru the #wishlist and couldn’t find a request to modify the setup procedures to allow for the addition and activation of a humidifier after initial setup without a reset. You can go to the #wishlist and add it if you like.

The Remote Room Sensors, when Included in Comfort Control via the sensor settings (either by motion activation or permanently), are used to calculate the average between all included sensors and the thermostat sensor. It then uses that average temperature, applies your temperature differential, and calls for heat accordingly.

This is also affected by the Behavior settings which remain a mystery to everyone. There is no known published explanation of what changes are made to the programming when changing these settings.

As for your short cycling issue, I will have to refer to the Forum Thermostat Guru @speadie to address that.

I had to remove my remote sensors to keep my thermostat from heating 3 to 6 degrees above thermostat setting. I dont recall having the issue with cooling this last summer and it seems to happen more when the humidity is really low in the house. Really disappointing because my original thermostat location is in the hallway like most homes and that is not an ideal location.

If your remote sensors are reading temps below that of the thermostat, when they are included in comfort control they will bring the average sensed temp down to what could be 3 or 4 degrees lower than the Thermostat sensor.

When you set them up, did you place them all together with the thermostat and then adjust the thermostat offset to match?

The temperatures matched the thermostat on the remote sensors. My problem is with heat. When using the sensors my heat will not turn off until the temperature is 3 or 4 degrees higher than set at the thermostat resulting in a very hot and uncomfortable living space. Thermostat is set to 71 and sensors read 74 or higher when it turns off. Thermostat is usually within a degree of that.

This may be due to either the Behavior settings in the thermostat or the Differential Temp setting.

The Behavior settings are truly a mystery as there is no known written explanation as to exactly what settings, parameters, and protocols get changed when this slider is adjusted between Max Savings, Sustainability, Balanced, Better Comfort, and Max Comfort.

I have my thermostat set for Balanced behavior with a differential temp of 1° and my thermostat and sensors read within 1° if each other after a -1° temp correction on the Thermostat. All sensors are included full time with motion sensing off. The heat activation and deactivation follows the setpoints very accurately based on the measured average.

One problem I did have in the past was that my sensors were moving to ‘not included’ on a regular basis although motion activation was disabled and the sensors were included manually. When it did this, I could feel that there was a difference. The key to know if it was activating\deactivating heat based on the included average or just by the thermostat alone was look at the app to see if it indicated Home or Thermostat temp. I was able to force the sensors into full time inclusion thru the settings though and haven’t had that issue since.

Note that the average calculated temp will NOT show in the thermostat. The thermostat can only show the sensed temp at the thermostat. The only place to see the averaged temp is in the app.

Thanks for the information. I will try changing a few settings to see if it helps. The run away heating as I like to call it seems to happen when the humidity is really low in the house 30% or lower. My app will show heat to 71 and say its 74 in your thermostat all the while the heat is still running.

Do you have a humidification system installed that you added to the setup when you installed the thermostat?

If that is what the app is telling you: “In your Thermostat”, it is not averaging with the sensors but only using the thermostat for the heat calls.

When it is averaging, the app will say “In your Home”

Averaging: (sensors included)

Not Averaging (sensors excluded)

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Unfortunately, I don’t have a humidification system :confused:
Going to reset my sensors and change comfort levels and see what happens

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