Provide Advanced thermostat parameters and reset capability

It would be great if under advanced options, there was a way to reconfigure our settings that we made in the thermostat setup, rather than having to delete the thermostat and redo the entire installation procedure, including scheduling.

In addition, wyze needs to stop trying to be so “smart” and stop forcing us to use what it thinks we have based on our wiring. - I disconnected the G wire because wyze’s control of the fan is detrimental to my furnace’s performance, and now it thinks I have a radiator - it will not give me the option to select “forced air” because it is apparently smarter than me. Give your advanced users true advanced capability and let us select what we actually have hooked up, not just what the algorithm assumes we have.

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Agree 100% : the thermostat and the app are ‘dumbed down’ and hide the complexities of HVAC equipment, I assume so as not to confuse the average user and/or generate frivolous support calls by people changing advanced parameters without knowing what they’re doing.

This is probably a good ting for many users, who don’t want to have to understand the details, but there needs to be a way for HVAC pros and knowledgeable amateurs to change parameters like heating type, response delay, etc. My Honeywell T6 has that - there’s a hidden set of menus that gives you access to all sorts of settings. (@moderator, is there something like that for Wyze already?)

This and other problems with the Wyze have forced me to swap back to my Honeywell. I’ll hang onto the Wyze for a bit in the hopes that these are Beta problems that they’ll fix, but if not then I’ll stay with the Honeywell.

@Speadie, I had exactly the same problem with the G wire signal confusing my furnace. (Do you have a Goodman too? ; -)

Yep, I have a GMVC961205DN. It’s not oversized either, it gets to the mid -30s here and my house was built in 1904, so the insulation factor is low.

Luckily, my furnace can be configured to run from a single stage thermostat, and boost into the second stage all by itself, or I’d be freezing with the wyze thermostat.

Heh, not surprised! I’ve got a GMVM970804CNBA, which is their top-of-the-line variable-speed, modulating furnace – but in reality it’s just a two-stage. (False advertising, but what can I do?)

Sounds like your furnace has their ComfortBridge system, which automatically adjusts the staging based on past results. I have that too, and in hindsight would much rather have Goodman support a communicating thermostat, so it would go straight to Stage 2 when there’s a big temp diff (e.g. in the morning, when raising the temp from 65 to 68). As it is, every morning it starts out on stage 1 for a half hour, before finally moving to Stage 2. Very annoying, as it means it takes forever to heat up the house.

Curious what the symptoms were when you had the G wire hooked up. For me, the Wyze was constantly powering the G wire when there was a call for heat, which I didn’t think would cause a problem, but it sounds like it did for you… How did it change when you disconnected G? Maybe I should try that.


Yeah, the wyze was overriding the furnace’s normal fan ramping by calling for fan constantly during heat calls. It was also cooling down the flame during initial firing, causing excessive condensation to form in the exhaust pipe. Without the G wire connected, the furnace ramps its fan like it did with the old thermostat.

Hopefully, wyze will fix their second stage heat call to make it turn on both W1 and W2, which will allow the wyze to start the furnace in stage 2 mode, skipping the furnace’s internal delay. Luckily my model has a “smart” timing on auto switch, and will start second stage anywhere between 1 and 12 minutes, depending on how long my last 3 calls for heat lasted based off of a call for W1 heat from the thermostat automatically.

OK, my symptoms are a little different: it would always start up in Stage 2, never used Stage 1. Still, might be related - maybe I’ll reinstall myWyze thermostat and try it with the G-wire disconnected. (Or maybe I’ll wait a month or so for them to (hopefully) release fixes for some of the problems.

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Sounds like I might be disconnecting the g wire. Mine does the similar garbage and is probably hard on the furnace. Does anyone from wyze read this? I realized this is a new product. But didn’t they beta test ?

You’re right, this whole product feels and acts like an early beta. Quite a few obvious design flaws and bugs that you’d think would have been addressed before releasing it. Hope they can fix them all via firmware updates instead of releasing a ‘new and improved’ V2 thermostat. (As was done with the security sensors…)

My new Wyze thermostat seems to be much more sensitive than my previous Honeywell. That is fine, but it cycles my hot water heat on and off much more frequently which doesn’t work well with my system. It would be great if there was a setting for a cycle delay that would allow you to stop calls for heat for 5 min or whatever you want.

The thermostat needs a soft restart button added to settings similar to the cams to facilitate reconnecting to WiFI without having to pull it off the wall.

To piggyback, I have a dual fuel system with a heat pump and gas furnace. In the colder months I like to use my furnace full time, it’s cheaper (for now).
I have found it very annoying that the emergency heat function has no temperature control. When you switch to emergency heat it will stay on indefinitely until you switch it off. This effectively makes you the thermostat when using emergency heat. The only alternative I have found is to rewire and install the system to run the furnace full-time in the winter.
I put in this ticket months ago and still nothing.

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I just had to go stand out in the rain once again to flip the furnace breaker off and on to force a restart of my Wyze thermostat so it would reconnect to the Wi-Fi. There is a “reset” option in the device’s firmware, why is it seemingly impossible to add a simple “restart” or “reconnect to Wi-Fi” option to the thermostat’s firmware that a homeowner can access via the dial wheel? There is a “Restart” option in the Wyze app, please add one to the device’s on-board firmware and dial-wheel GUI!

All the posts I see where people are telling other thermostat owners to “pull the unit off its base and reconnect it” is ridiculous since that is a good way to destroy the device or the furnace breaker by causing a short when reinserting the contact pins into the live base.

My home is full of Wyze products (cameras, security system, light bulbs, vacuums, etc.) and the stupid thermostat is the only device that ever causes problems. I say that to prevent someone posting that my Wi-Fi isn’t strong enough or stable enough. I am a systems engineer and have a top-tier Ubiquiti mesh system installed in my residence with a dedicated IoT 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network just for all my Wyze devices. Every device, both interior and exterior, receives a strong and stable signal from the wired APs.

I had posted a few months ago about this and a corrupted display issue and was told by an immensely helpful forum member that some new firmware was on the way. I did install the firmware when released which helped with the corrupted display issue, but it still did not add a simple “restart” command to the device’s control wheel.

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