Wyze Thermostat With Heat Pump

Thanks for that info! Someone should inform ALL of their support of that. They asked me for screenshots and told me there were features in the settings that aren’t there for me. I was wondering if something like that was the problem.

Same here. My electric bill this month is going nuts. I really hope this can get fixed.

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if your old system never used the heat strips, you could attach them to * instead of W1. That’s what wyze uses for emergency heat.

I have no advanced option setting for an “emergency heat” toggle

That option will only show up if you put your white wire in * and tell the Wyze app its emergency heat. I’m about to switch my setup (currently have white wire in W1) to this setup because one of my thermostat’s thermometers has been getting frozen and reading a lower temp than the room actually is, which is causing my emergency heat to run for too long. I take the face off of the thermostat, which reboots the unit and the thermometer finally updates and suddenly shows the temperature is much higher than it said prior to taking the face off.
I think my thermometer issue is a hardware issue since it’s not happening on my other thermostat which has the white wire in W1 too. Waiting on a reply from Wyze Support.

Here is a pic of my old thermostat. X2 is emergency heat. The app mapped it to (*). G and F from the old both mapped to G.
Initially, in settings under advanced, “swap heat to cool” was toggeled on by default, however the system was cooling for heat and vice versa. I unselected that and it had worked like a dream since. Also, there is a selection for Emergency heat under advanced in the app, and under the setting on the therm. It changes the display pink.! If i need to include mapping for the other wires i will, just let me know!
20210103171049571|666x500 Uploading: Screenshot_20210108-080654_WyzeBeta.jpg…

Is the emergency heat toggle in the above screenshot, IOS or Android?

On my old thermostat I have both a black AND a white wire going to W2…are both supposed to go to (W1 or *) or should they be split up so one goes to each?

Mine was this setup too (It’s not actually in W1, it’s in both Aux and E)
On the Wyze thermostat:

  • W1 the thermostat can automatically turn on your emergency heat. I had mine setup this way but it caused emergency heat to be on way too frequently (it only gets down to about 20s at the lowest here)
  • * and tell the Wyze app when it asks that it is emergency heat, the thermostat will NOT be able to use emergency heat automatically (Wyze app calls this Stage 2) and you will have the manual toggle for emergency heat in the settings menu. I did this option because my bill was super high prior to the Wyze thermostat, when my old thermostat used the first config I described (white in W1).
    It depends on where you live, but daily its between 30-40 here and my heat pump works fine. My windows and doors are also pretty efficient.

Thanks for the input! I appreciate it.

It is android 11. WYZE app 2.17.6

I’ve attached the W1 wire to * , but no Emergency heat toggle comes up.

Pretty sure they said if you go to * you have to configure it in the app and tell it that * is emergency heat…then you get a manual on/off in the app.

In one of the many posts, someone reported that if you switch the W1 wire to the * socket, an emergency heat toggle shows up in the “Advanced” settings. This has not proven true for me. My heating bill has skyrocketed with an 8KW coil set in a Mr. Cool Universal heat pump.

Yup, I ended up returning my 2 thermostats because of this. If you wire the backup heat to W1 like it really should be (aux heat), this thermostat doesn’t handle it properly and will cause huge electric bills. Seems like a huge issue, but Wyze has provided 0 support so I gave up and sent them back.

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How do I configure it in the app?

You have to reset your thermostat by holding down the button and then remove it from the app and re-add it. Then you can tell it what the wires do. I’ve got a feature request in to allow people to change these settings without having to remove and re-add the thermostat, but not many people want that apparently.

Thanks for that, but a little confusing for someone born digitally challenged.

I’m not sure if it is actually working yet, but the emergency heat toggle is now included in the “Advanced” settings. I think I’ll get an ammeter and see if the heat strip is still working.

I also think this is an important feature particularly at the moment with the extreme weather conditions. There are some record cold temperatures in Alaska right now and having you system go down is… problematic.

New Problem. The thermostat i displaying the temperature, but in the app, it shows “OFF” and it won’t budge. How do I turn it on? The thermostat itself shoe the temp, but won’t respond to temperature requests. Turn the dial and nothing. Press the dial and all functions seem to work.

Tried it again and it worked. May be a wonky connection in the thermostat unit.