Wyze thermostat wire question


I went through the installation and it was determined that I need to install the wire… I had a nest and did not need to do this part. The instructions are pretty straight forward however, when looking at the wires I need to disconnect from the board and connect on the c wire, my Y connector on the board has a yellow and a red wire connected to it. Do I just remove the yellow wire an connect that to the c wire? Or is my furnace not comparable? Thanks in advance for any help!

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I had this similar issue Whalen I set mine up. What wire comes from the thermostat? Can you look at the other thermostat wires to see what one it is? The one coming from the thermostat is the one to connect the the C wire adapter, leave the other one there how it was.

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Sorry for the late reply. This is exactly what I did. Everything been functional since. Thanks!

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