Wyze Thermostat - Older Furnace controller doesn't have spot to hook with C wire adapter

Just got the Wyze Thermostat. I need the C wire adapter but my furnace controller doesn’t have the Y, G, R, W ports that the Wyze video shows. I have a panel that has R, W, C, and G posts. Is this were I should use the adapter and if so, whats the right way?

panel image

Please provide a pic of the original tstat wiring?

Hook it up like this:
Wyze adapter ribbon cable to matching labels on furnace board. Y ribbon cable to red wire in wirenut.
Wires leading to thermostat go into the matching wyze adapter terminals. Leave C cable that runs to compressor on furnace panel, and just add the gray C adapter cable to it.


why is the yellow wire at the furnace a blue wire in your thermostat?
Check the visible areas that the thermostat wire runs in for splices, to make sure that at some point the yellow wire is directly connected to the blue wire with nothing else in between.

That’s how it was when I bought the house

That worked, thank you.

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