Thermostat Wiring - Comfort™ 80 Gas Furnace

Hello Everyone. I got the WYZE Thermostat a couple days back and I did installed it together wir the Comfort™ 80 Gas Furnace. The heating works like a charm but I did just test the AC and that one fails. If I look at the current wiring, it makes sense as there are no wires going to the AC unit outside. That was the wiring:

now I did wire the five: G,C,W,Y,R all into the Thermostat. I’m wondering how I get the AC wired again. Does anyone has an idea for me? THANK YOU, Thomas.

You should leave the wires that go to the AC on the furnace board and not connect them to the C adapter.

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Hi. Thank You. I guess the Y is probably power and C the control for the AC. How then can the WYZE Thermostat control the AC. Do I need that additional part to connect?

C is common, Y is the control for the ac compressor. Your diagram shows two Y wires and 1 C wire, so I assumed you have the C adapter already installed. Is this incorrect? A photo of the actual setup is generally better than a drawing for remote troubleshooting, so if you can take a picture of your current furnace wiring and post that here, that would be optimal.

Thank You. Of course - there my pictures:

Furnace / Wiring / Old Thermostat

I did assume to connect the furnace to my Thermostat firstly, but that doesn’t make sense, guess it has to be in the whole circuit. Thank You.

Install wyze C Adapter at the splice point as follows:

Note that the G terminal on the C adapter needs to be connected to the green wire that goes to the C terminal on the wyze.

You will need to reset your wyze thermostat and tell it that your old thermostat has the following wires and it will configure itself properly to use the C adapter:

Wow, Thank You so much.
It did work. Can I venmo you something?